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Inclusion of birth control use in students curriculum eyed

Inclusion of birth control use in students curriculum eyed

A bill seeking to institutionalize a national policy for preventing teenage pregnancies sponsored by Senator Risa Hontiveros was discussed in the Senate session on Tuesday.

This bill would possibly include birth control use in the curriculum of adolescent age students.

Senate Bill No. 1334 or the”Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy Act of 2020″ defined adolescents as the population aged 10 to 21 years.

During the interpellation, Senator Sotto asked Hontiveros if the bill would allow the distribution of contraceptives in schools.

“Not necessarily because this is comprehensive sexuality education it does not speak specifically about the provision of family planning products so when we include here effective contraceptive use in comprehensive sexuality education, it’s teaching the adolescent students the range of family planning methods,” Hontoveros responded.

She said it could be taught in subjects like science or social studies.

Sotto pointed out that there are many Christian schools in the country that are hesitant to discuss such topics in the classroom.

“It’s to debunk myths in order to enable couples, when they are of the proper age, not when they are still adolescents, to plan their family,” Hontiveros said.

“It promotes abstinence as a positive choice and it also teaches adolescents how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections should they engage in sexual activities,” she added.

The interpellation of the bill was suspended…

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