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Overcome teachers who act more than a principal in 5 gripping ways

Overcome teachers who act more than a principal in 5 gripping ways

Do you have teachers who act more than a principal in your schools? Well, I guess they are everywhere in every public schools. They are those who act mighty and entitled not thinking about their current status. They tend to surpass the principal’s decision in many ways. They do this because they feel that their principal is not firm in his stand. So, how are you to handle these kinds?

Here are how to overcome teachers who act more than a principal in five (5) ways: 

1.  Handle them right there and then they feel entitled.

The moment these teachers who act more than the principal talk, stop them. You know in the first place where the conversation will lead you. Handle them right away and never sway on their opinion. Only the principal has the authority to command you inside the school.

2.  The school must always have special meeting to sort out roles and duties.

The meeting should focus on sharing each and everyone’s point of view. This should be concise but with substance. Once a month you need to tell all your observations on each other as professionals.

3.  Tell your principal in the presence of everyone to stick with his decision so you all can follow the lead.

If your principal is weak then you should support him/her. Teachers who act more than a principal don’t have any chance to act if everybody you unite with one stand.

4.  Cut immediately the opinion of these kinds before they can root so there will be no future problems. 

Don’t give any chance for teachers who act like principal to insert their wants. Cut all at once their opinion if you knew they aren’t for the good of the mob.

5.  Don’t let them rule the school.

The last but not the least: don’t let them rule your school or even you. Teachers who act mighty are only strong if your principal is weak. Don’t let them rule your school or else, you will get your downfall. – Alec | Helpline PH

7 thoughts on “Overcome teachers who act more than a principal in 5 gripping ways”

  1. In our school the mighty is not a teacher or the principal,its the head teacher 3 ,which is a doctorate degree,he directly report to the division
    Office every time he don’t like the policy of his principal. we teachers have nothing to say ,but to promote him as principal 5.

  2. Funny, i think there is someone in our school who is exactly feeling entitled. Maybe because this teacher was sometimes deligated with administrative tasks by the school principal that’s why the teacher felt mighty and entitled, wow!
    I think the principal had observed this already and just wait for the chance to express her observation toward our colleague before this teacher can be rooted.

  3. This can be happen if there is abuse of power from school heads, no transparency in everything, no fair treatment to teachers. Fault finder instead of promoting team sum up having authoritative leadership.

  4. Why is it even allowed to have insufficient and incompetent School Principals to handle central schools? Teachers are always compliant despite ranting on social media… It is the classroom teacher who shoulders all the unnecessary troubles cause by the higher authorities and at the same time takes full responsibility of the children entrusted to them. A school functions sufficiently when it has a passionate teacher, supportive community and of course the learners…even without a school building, and so much of eMpTy /head.

  5. how to handle principal who acts like god? They always say “magprincipal muna kayo”..when they feel someone is not agreeing to what they want.

  6. The problem in our school there are teachers who are always getting the attention of the principal, so the principal delegated task to them making them powerful so they talk secretly to the principal telling harmful to their must the principal cure this not to give for this teachers a task because they are illness in the faculty and even in the school as whole. Making unhealthy in the the principal must balance the situation must be fair in all to his her teachers…

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