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A brave open letter to all the coward principals in the public schools

A brave open letter to all the coward principals in the public schools

This brave open letter is for all the public school principals who failed their teachers. If you are a principal reading this, I hope this letter enlighten you to be a better leader. This brave open letter is in general aspect. Don’t get me wrong, you are not affected if you are a good principal out there. Yet, this will touch your ego if all the description below points on you. 

“Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position.” —Brian Tracy

This quote hits big when it comes to leadership. If you are a principal, you should be the mighty, the powerful. You should have all the qualities of a good leader. In any sense, you should be flexible since your entire teachers look up to you.

This brave open letter will remind you of who you were when you were still a newbie like the rest of us. You were once new to the teaching world and for sure you know how it feels to be the new leaf. Then you bloomed and as you grow, you built yourself up with the help of your comrades. With the experiences you had, you were able to reach your ambition to be the principal.

Teachers look up to you as the highest authority in the school. They expect so much from you. They respect you with much pride and hope in their eyes. They hope that you would be their source of strength and unity. They call up to you thinking that you will uplift their spirits and be their pillar when they need you the most.

Somehow, you end up as a disappointment. Instead of being the leader, you only command your teachers. You command them to do the tasks that you should have done. You delegate your work to them as if nothing is wrong. You misuse your position and used your teachers instead.

You didn’t’ realize that you were the one who lit the fire that caused your school to get divided. You never ask your teachers how they were. You never knew their situations because you only sat on your office playing some games. You act tough and mighty but you can’t decide on your own. You are a true coward in the sense that you backbite your teachers when they are gone. You can’t summon your teachers and talk to them heart to heart in private. You have your own sense of favoritism among the teachers that is obvious.

You talk nonsense and when you are ask by your higher ups, you can’t even explain because you delegate your work. Your master teachers do all your work. You act as though you are not a professional.

Let me remind you of your role as a principal. Teachers will love their principal if he/she is a good one. They are not looking for the best, only a good one. This brave open letter is a reminder that you have to be the one who uplifts the spirit of your teachers. You should not show any favoritism to the group. You should be fair in all your judgments and decisions. You must be a good decision-maker, the one who doesn’t need someone to tell them what to do.

Above all, this brave open letter should open your eyes of what you have become. As a principal it is your role to unite your school in bad and good times. It is you who must stand tall even if others are down. Be the principal that is worthy of the respect and trust of your subordinates. This brave open letter ends with this quote:

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked. Leadership is defined by results not attributes.” —Peter Drucker

Alec | Helpline PH 

15 thoughts on “A brave open letter to all the coward principals in the public schools”

  1. And whatabout teachers who do things “at all cost” to become a principal someday? What’s it really in being a principal that a lot of teachers aspire to be? Didnt we got in the profession to be teachers? Real teachers, ryt?

    1. Perhaps there are still school leaders possesing the kind of qualities you have cited in your letter/message and it’s a wake up call for them.I still believe that a big number of principals are discharging their duties & responsibilities with utmost honesty,integrity and justice. One best legacy that a principal or SH can do to his/her co -teachers is to help them grow and not to burden them with voluminous works/tasks suppose to be done by a principal or school administrator.I salute you for the reminders.Godbless.

      1. I remember our’s said ministerial job…but as I got the yoke of the workload,I started to ask : Is it not those who have a big salary has the bigger responsibility? Well,it’s what they are paid for.
        Another superior of mine, emanates that, a true leader knows how to model the work environment…but due to the few no of years of experience…majority seem to question this school head and are waiting when a toll would fall…

    2. It is but normal to dream and become someone in the future..when you have a dream you have to act on it and do your best to attain that dream, BUT once you are in that position, it is not a time for you to down grade anyone it’s because you are in that position but instead it is your time to uplift them to become like you…That defines of who you are when you are at the top. Remember you were encourage to do your best and attained your dream because once in your life there was someone along your path who encourages you to continue aspiring for the best…sometimes we just tend to forget them…

  2. Me and a friend-classmate-colleague-relative planned everything…finish masters and phd b4 40..if she becomes a principal-since i only want to teach-she will give me no bs loads and responsibilities…just let me teach….as what “teachers” are supposed to do…

  3. Yes its true.. my salute to this fearless author/writer who bursted-out his sentiments against this illing principals of DepEd. I’ve been here working/teaching for so many years now and somehow been proud of myself of being a professional teacher as i am, with dignity and deserved to be respected also just like anyone here in this profession. Principals have been simply a classroom teacher first before they become a higher paid educator/school head. They may come and go but teachers just stake where they are and wait until when it comes another chance for us to have another principal to come in. Three more years is too long to bear for us to have a cruel/heartless bad attitude principal but too early to lose a kind of principal whose heart is so pure and as kind and as a good mother as she is to her teachers. Sana the DepEd Central office will also check the mental health of these school heads/principals because they really didn’t know at the ground where teachers suffered most of the time of the character/behavior of their superior. A principal like that was stated in his open letter who is fond of discriminating, dividing her teachers and shows favor in some aspect and have treated her teachers as if they are DUMB na parang mga”uto uto” lang to her scheme of leadership. So sad to hear real truth but these really happened at the ground.
    Just a 10 cents of thoughts…chill and flex! Have a real good / blessed day to one and all !

  4. Sana kagaya sa PNP, may separate office gaya ng NAPOLCOM to report abuse of authority from high rank official. Pero Kay DepEd, Division Office ang punta, eh magkaka-kilala naman sila. Ano ang mangyayari sa hinaing ng guro?!

    1. Correction. Sa region ang punta. The disciplining authority of teachers is the regional director. Nasa magna carta yan. Wag mag comment kung wala kang credible na information.


    Thank you Lord my God The Eternal Father..You make me a teacher once a teacher in the field for two years of sacrifice as an Elder as my calling by the Prophet Ezra Taft Benson. so long forgotten now.
    And now as in the years of teaching as my profession of almost 3 decade. i only wish i could retire and receive retirement benefits to buy the needed things to laid for my final resting comment for all good and lesser evil Principal and supervisor in the public school remember you are once a TEACHER .good for you.good for me.if it is to be. its just YESTERDAY when I was YOUNG!

  6. severo r. samarinta jr.

    some principals once encounter a negative effect during their mentor days and they could not move on to that scene thats way they repeat it as they become on that higher sorry for them. A neuro examination should be made to stop this attitude.

  7. At a certain salary, some SHs become richer and richer even if he/she is the only one workking in the family. Why? Because he/she manipulates the liquidation of school MOOEs, school canteen, and some school fund raisings intended for school projects. SHs and his/her MOOE supplier/s are with connivance on pricing of items. Just imagine, in 2-year time, how a SH can buy house lot or even house and lot everytime he/she is transferred to another station while his/her teachers are starving of classroom supplies, ICT tools and equipment, professional growth, school cleanliness and other related school operation expenditures.
    Some group of teachers and local PTA reacted regarding school monetary complaints and send the same to higher DepEd offices and even reached the Office of the DepEd Secretary. Waste of time because at the legal department, even without initial investigation from that department, the complaint is being thrown into the basket (tree points) due to lack of substance especially when the legal officer and the respondent/s are friends. Hope these cases would be reviewed and the complainants would be consistent.
    Some SHs are working religiously according to their job description while others are working voraciously according to job discretion. KUYA KIM, ANO NA?!

  8. I was experience the worst life i could have in the teaching career wd a cruel School heads.Ive cried so much when my principal reported to our supervisor wdout my knowledge.what pained me is shes making false statements that made me a sinner in the eyes of our heads n co teachers. If only i can go out and have a choice to move out of the system,i will.The only thing that heals my pain is my humble acceptance that the world is like this…God knows my commitment to my profession

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