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Top 5 huge reasons why frugal teachers get a loan even if means forever to pay

Top 5 huge reasons why frugal teachers get a loan even if means forever to pay

Teachers get a loan for many reasons and it is the truth for many of them. Even if it means to forever pay the interest, still they grab to take a loan out from their salary. Can’t teachers say “No” to loans at all?

To better understand it, here are the top 5 reasons why teachers get a loan:

1. Medical Emergencies

What use is it to live in this world when you can’t even send your family to a hospital during emergencies? Teachers get a loan to pay for the medical fees of their families. Most of the time, this is the first reason of all. Since teachers don’t have healthcare insurance like in other countries, this resulted. Teachers need to pay for their own hospitalization when PhilHealth is useless.

2. Housing

Teachers get a loan to build themselves and their family a house to live on for the rest of their lives. Isn’t it the reason why teachers work? To build a home for their families to stay warm. Teachers can’t afford to build a house by saving up their salaries every month. If you are not convinced yet, then become a teacher so you will know.

3. Education

Teachers get a loan to send their children to school especially in college. Like most parents, teachers as well want their children to get a proper education. Sending their children off to college is the most crucial part of being a parent. In such a way, the best asset they can give their children is education.

4. Teaching Needs

If a teacher tells you that they spend their pocket money on buying teaching needs, trust me it is 100% true. In the Philippines, teachers spend their own money for their classrooms. The government does not provide them everything. The education system of the country sucks.

5. For Survival

Teachers get a loan to survive the next few days when they don’t feel their salaries at all. It is the rule of existence, survival of the fittest. As long as teachers are breathing, then they need to survive.Avril | Helpline PH