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Top 5 banks that offers loan to teachers in DepEd


Public school teachers run to banks for loans during emergencies. Banks usually offer amounts that are enough to suffice one’s needs at the moment.

Whether it is a salary loan or any other type of loan, these banks offer an array of options for teachers.

Here are the lists of banks that offer different types of loan to teachers:

1. Land Bank

This bank is everywhere all across the country. Easy access and searchable online. The only problem is that you need to be real early because this bank usually has more numbers of customers. The guards will give priority numbers to early customers in line. It means, first comes first serve basis.

2. East-West Rural Bank

This bank is very friendly and accommodating. Their staff is all well versed and approachable. Their loan types are flexible according to one’s needs. Their interest rate is acceptable. You won’t find it hassle during transactions. Another good in this bank is that they only need 1 co-maker to process your application.

3. City Savings BankĀ 

This bank offers flexible types of loans like that of other banks. They also provide options for your loan amount need. The interest rate is reasonable.

4. First Consolidated Bank

This bank offers various types of loans not only to teachers. Their interest rate is also good and they don’t need more co-makers for your loan. This is a good try for those who plan to avail their loan services.

5. Union Bank/Wealth Bank

This bank is for pensioners and senior citizens but they also offer different types of loans. For teachers, they opt to avail since this bank offers a low-interest rate.


A little reminder to everyone, before you avail any of these bank’s loan offers, make sure to weigh things. A loan is only an option for emergencies and important projects. Remember not to push your limits for it can sometimes be dangerous. Take very good care of your payslip and borrower credibility. – Clea | Helpline PH

5 thoughts on “Top 5 banks that offers loan to teachers in DepEd”

  1. I want banks to prearrange
    For the pay off of salaries of public school teachers based on the salary declaration mandated by DOLE such that it will be indexed by the government at 120 index, 100 index for the teachers and 20 index for the banks as per delivery of the papermoney and coins by the central bank of the philippines without any obligation of the public school teachers to the banks. That is sharing the share given by the central bank of the philippines is 120 index werein 100 index for the public school teachers’ salaries and 20 index for the banks concern.

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  3. Malayan Savings Bank is offering DepEd Teachers Loan at the lowest interest rate of 7% for up to 5 years with a maximum loan amount of 1.7M

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