The self-learning module contains negative that smash VP Leni’s pride

The self-learning module contains negative that smash VP Leni’s pride

Self-learning module should pass quality assurance before being utilized or published on the website. Certain self-learning modules, on the other hand, were thoroughly reviewed. To avoid this, the self-learning module should go through a rigorous quality assurance process. Anyway, the material may have been unintended because the presidential candidates had not decided whether or not to run for president in the 2022 elections, but no one should be harmed next time.

This is the title of the Senior High School Module that went viral on social media: “Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person Quarter 1-Module 2.2 Methods of Philosophizing.” The module’s material is found not only in the lessons but also in various self-learning module questions that students choose, like:

1. Which among these headlines has no errors in terms of spelling, grammar, and content?  The following choices are;

A. Robredo Chides Gov’t for Unclear Communication on New Quarantine Rules 

B. Robredo Blames the Government as They Don’t Have Clear Rules in Quarantine. The other choices for students without substantial generalizations;

2. Which among the statements contain substantial generalizations?

A. “Drug war a massive failure”- Robredo

B. Robredo lies to world, shame the nation and herself in UN message 

3. Which among the following publishers pose no particular agenda or bias?

A. Bulag Ang ABS-CBN sa Katotohanan by Antonio Brigas

B. Nararapat Lamang na Huwag ng Magbukas ang ABS-CBN by Balat Sibuyas

The aforementioned self-learning module was published on the website SHS.Module.Online and is currently collecting various responses from the public. Many people were upset since this isn’t the best approach to teaching students values, and the Alliance of Concern Teachers was saddened and concerned that the educational materials could be used to endorse or disparage politicians. On May 20, 2021, the self-learning module was uploaded.

This is not only for our Vice President but also for the outfits, according to Raymond Basilio, Secretary-General, and Alliance of Concerned Teachers. Education and institutions, in our opinion, can assist Filipino youth in developing critical thinking abilities.

The ACT finds out if there were teachers used the said self-learning module. While the group appealing the DepEd is responsible for this issues. However, according to our Presidential candidate and Vice President Leni Robredo that she’d seen the self-learning module and she will wait for the Deped comment about it. 

She said, Hihintayin ko yong Deped to comment. Pero responsibility nila yon eh. Yong Deped dapat hindi dapat nagpapalabas ng anything not just because na ako yong nasa receiving end ng ginawa.

Pero  kahit ano na magpopoison sa mind ng mga tao dapat hindi yon pinapalusot ng Deped  kasi pagpapakita yon kung totoo na nakalusot ito sa grade 11 na mga modules gusto kung sabihin na talagang naka inefficient ang Deped . Ito lang yon ang pinaka ebidensya na nakapa inefficient nila , napinapayagan nila na ang mga modules nga ganito ay nakalusot sa kanila. 

According to DepEd, we have referred the matter to our Executive Committee members in charge of field operations as well as curriculum and instruction. The material was validated to have come from the Schools Division Office of Manila, which submitted its official statement on the matter. Our Manila Division office provides the following information about the material, as well as actions are taken:

  1. The material was a locally produced material published in September 2020, for use as a self-learning module (SLM) for SY 2020-2021, at a time when fully reviewed SLMs from the Central Office were not yet available. In addition, it did not undergo regional conformance reviews.
  2. In light of the concerns raised, the Division Office immediately directed their school heads to retrieve hard copies of the said SLM, and the digital copy was also removed from the Learning Resource Management Online Portal of the Division.
  3. The division Office was able to identify the writer for the module, however, the Division learned that the said writer passed away in 2020.
  4. The Division office expressed its apology for any harm that the incident may have caused to individuals or groups. It is committed to strictly abiding by the quality control and conformance review process set by the Department when developing and producing learning modules.

“DepEd assures the public as well as candidates in the ongoing elections that we are exerting all efforts to warn our officials and personnel, including teachers, against participating in partisan politics.” 

I believe that this issue can be easily resolved if both parties have understanding. Next time, I am hoping that the TWGs of this self-learning module will also know the guidelines for what to write in the module so that they can teach or orient the writers on the Dos and Don’ts in the writing of self- learning module.

I think the writer should avoid writing negative descriptions of people, especially those involved in politics because it can damage their image. The writer should be careful and has no right to adopt other politicians’ nasty techniques in the election campaign by slandering other politicians to gain votes or support from their followers and avoid youths who will join in politics in the future by following nasty techniques. – Doki | Helpline PH