As face to face learning is still prohibited in our country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Education opted to modular distance learning as their learning modality.

As part of the preparation for modular learning, DepEd is now producing self-learning modules (SLMs) for students to be used in this school year.

These self-learning modules are now available for download on the DepEd Commons website.

Based on the post of  Mr. Mark Anthony Sy, Executive Assistant to the Undersecretary for Administration of the Department of Education – Central Office that they have started uploading modules on August 10, 2020.

Read the original post of Mr. Mark Anthony Sy below for your reference and guidance.

You can visit the DepEd Commons site at

Or you can easily download Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) for FREE below. Simply click on the DOWNLOAD link below.

Disclaimer: We do not own any of these modules. We can only share with you the link source of the files. Please understand that unauthorized uploads of digital files of the modules is strictly forbidden. Any illegal acts shall be grounds for administrative case and or other sanctions. These modules were uploaded in drives of other parties. We share it to you for educational purposes ONLY.

Kindergarten – Download

Grade 1 – Download

Grade 2 – Download

Grade 3 – Download

Grade 4 – Download

Grade 5 – Download

Grade 6 – Download

Grade 7 – Download

Grade 8 – Download

Grade 9 – Download

Grade 10 – Download

Grade 11 & 12

SHS – Specialized Subjects – Download

SHS – Core Subjects – Download

SHS – Applied Subjects – Download

10 thoughts on “OFFICIAL SELF-LEARNING MODULES (Grade 1 – 12)”

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    modules for grade4 all subjects for the second quarter pls. thank you and happy new year.

  3. Nemia Galero

    Thank you for accepting po..
    Can I ask coppies of grade 4 and grade 6 modules,all subject 3rd quarter? Thank you so much po.

  4. unsang hero

    Big savings on DepEd for engaging teachers as unpaid free authors. While some teachers become victims of cyberbullying for its mistakes and imperfect non edited published learning material..

  5. elabai r. amil

    kind i ask favor …to please share a copy of all self learning modules for grade one quarter 1 to quarter 4th please…
    thank you and God Bless!

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