5 savage kinds of school principals

5 savage kinds of school principals

A school principal is the highest authority inside a campus. Everybody in the school look up to him as the most right person to give commands and run a school in a smooth way. A school principal is the authority whose voice all should follow no matter what.

Does your school principal have traits like mentioned above? Or is your school principal different in many aspects than you think he/she is before?

Here are the 5 Savage Kinds of Principals you might have:

1. The Fickle-Minded Principal

This kind of school principal cannot make up his own decision for the school. He always changes his mind on various situations. Most of the time, he can’t handle a certain problem on his own so he will let his teachers handle the matter. This will create tensions for the teachers since there is no further explanation. It will leave the teachers hanging and confuse. For certain, this kind of principal will have no true loyal teacher.

2. I-Know-It-All Principal

A school principal with this trait will make the teachers think low of themselves. Most of the time, a principal who do all the decisions behind the table. He won’t need the opinion of any of his teachers so his decision will always be right.

3. The Stern but Very Good Principal

This kind of principal is what all teachers want to be their leader. Someone who is stern and strong on the outside but very gentle on the inside. A leader who gathers opinion from his teachers for something big. This principal gives his teachers the right to say what they want but decides on his own capacity.

4. “I Delegate You” Principal

Teachers hate this kind of principal all the time. A school principal who delegates all his job and functions to his master teachers. He delegates more work to his other teachers to the extent that he is duty-free. The worst case scenario is that he doesn’t know anything about the activities of the district.

5. The Mysterious Principal

This kind of principal is like a bubble. It appears right in front of you yet vanishes into thin air in seconds. During meetings, he will slip away after the attendance. This is the reason why he doesn’t know any activities from the district. His school will be very sad for this. – Alec | Helpline PH