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Teachers’ salaries will increase soon, a promise to certain politicians

Teachers’ salaries will increase soon, a promise to certain politicians

Before the elections, many teachers appealed and requested the responsible people in the DepEd and Congress to allow teachers’ salary increase, but many years past, the increase has not been totally seen because the increase cannot compensate and not enough to meet the needs of the teachers. Many teachers are praying, hoping, and dreaming of increasing their salaries to 30,000 a month for teacher I before 2022 ends. Teachers are well-known for being debtors. If the teachers could not make loans, how could they provide for their children’s education and basic commodities if they didn’t have to take loans? Keep in mind that the teachers could not also concentrate on their teaching if their minds were bothered by the financial crisis.

This year, 2022, an election is coming, and many politicians promised teachers they would increase their salary if they won the election. These promises are considered normal because the promises are only on the tip of the tongue for some politicians; they are words only, not actions. They see that teachers belong to a big group that can win over politicians if they are going to promote or support them by giving promises. Therefore, teachers should choose political candidates wisely. Don’t allow them to live with their promises. Politicians have many planned things to do to help teachers when the election is coming, but when it is over, they forget about teachers. If some teachers had not asked, a salary increase would have been dormant, and still no one thought about the teacher’s salary increase.

Therefore, teachers are calling on some politicians to fulfill their promises when they win the election so that when they run again for the next election, they won’t need to campaign for the teachers; they will automatically cast their votes for them. Teachers already know who the right candidates are to be cast. In addition, you should support teachers because they are the source or center of their students’ learning. According to Professor Clarita Carlos, the government should invest in the teachers and not in air-conditioned rooms, etc. Learning can happen anywhere, even under a papaya tree. I believe education is being overlooked by some public officials who have already ascended to the throne. They didn’t think that many years ago, and up until now, our education system was still at its lowest. Dr. Clarita Carlos is a guardian angel who illuminates the path of education so that the government will pay attention and solve the problem faced by teachers. The government should also pay attention to the benefits of teachers, not only during an election but for a lifetime. – Doki | Helpline PH