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Is hiring more non-teaching personnel the answer to teacher’s agonizing pile of work?

Is hiring more non-teaching personnel the answer to teacher’s agonizing pile of work?

Is hiring more non-teaching personnel in DepEd the answer to teacher’s never-ending work? To be more exact, teachers are bound to teach students. It means their sole responsibility is only the following:

  • plan the lessons (lesson planning)
  • prepare the materials needed for the delivery of the lesson
  • deliver the lesson to the students
  • perform assessments and skill tests
  • check progress of the students
  • record students progress and scores
  • compute the grades of the students
  • follow up the performance of the students
  • prepare the forms and documents of the advisory class
  • attend various seminars related to teaching

All the above-mentioned responsibilities are for the teacher alone. Now, it is sad to note that aside from those there many pile of work added to our daily routine as teachers. This includes other unrelated functions that are not included in the scope of a teacher. Some of these are:

  • SBM
  • MEA, SMEA 
  • other school reports
  • BAC and other functions in the procurement
  • other documents related functions, etc.

I can’t mention all those pile of works that they are giving the teachers when in fact it is not their job to do it. There are many of them to mention. Not all public schools got to have their own bookkeeper, disbursing officer ADAS and etc.

Non-teaching personnel are most likely present in the big public schools. Big public schools have their own non-teaching personnel but it doesn’t change anything. It seemed that these non-teaching personnel don’t know their duties and responsibilities.

For me, no matter how many non-teaching personnel the government will hire. If these non-teaching personnel don’t know their functions then they won’t be of any help.

An example of this is our school. We have a principal, a school secretary, a bookkeeper, a disbursing officer and two ADAS. Imagine how complete they are? Yet, we teachers are still stressed about the extra work we have. In the previous SBM that we had, I once was the coordinator when I don’t have any knowledge about finances. I kept telling my principal but he did nothing. See how it worked? 

If the government will hire more non-teaching personnel be it. Yet, DepEd should make sure to explain to them the scope of their duties and responsibilities. If not, there will still be no changes in the system at all. These non-teaching personnel should not waste their time scrolling their social media accounts. They should make sure they lessen the burden of the teachers by doing their jobs well. 

The bottom-line:

Hiring more non-teaching personnel can help teachers very well if: 

  • they know their duties and responsibilities
  • they understand the scope of their duties and responsibilities
  • they will report to their assigned school everyday as teachers are
  • they have the common sense to do the work that is due to them and not the concern of teachers

Proper orientation and training is a must for these non-teaching personnel. It also includes professional training so they act according to what is necessary.Alec | Helpline PH

16 thoughts on “Is hiring more non-teaching personnel the answer to teacher’s agonizing pile of work?”

  1. I agree. I once interviewed the non-teaching staff who hired as Administrative Assistant in DepEd as permanent position. I ask them, how’ the thier work in DepEd compared from DSWD as contractual position. They answered me, that is fine to work in DepEd because less work and no pressure compared to DSWD who demands a lot of work in financial monitoring and lots of work to be done.
    I told them good for them that they work in DepEd, less work and no pressure at all.
    In DSWD, they invest in capability training to ensure that all staff are capable to do thier responsibility as a finance steward and can help the social worker to unburden some administrative work and focus thier main task as a social worker.
    This if we hired the non-teaching personnel, administrative work must turn-over to them, instead of giving the burden to the teacher.
    There must be a division of labor and responsibility in administrative/non-teaching task between the teacher and the non-teaching staff.
    Hope you consider my point of view.
    Than you.

  2. Good day! I am interested to apply in this position. I am a fresh graduate and pioneer of K-12 Curriculum. I took up BSED Major in General Science. Thank you!

  3. The non teaching personnel have their own jobs and responsibilities.. No offense to the author of this article but ADAS and other nonteaching personnel have job descriptions that does not include BAC (which to educate you is a committee that is composed of teachers to check or verify whether the items procure are bid and canvass correctly by the way non teaching personnels are included in that as well cause they are the ones doing the paperwork,voucher and procurement of that), SBM is the school planning board composed of teachers and elected officers and stakeholders)…
    We have different functions and their job have different responsibilities like teachers.

    1. Agree.We know our Duties and responsibilities.Me as Payroll In-charge,HR,Verifier.
      Dont know why the author said non-teaching dont know about their duties and responsibilities

  4. I’m interested licensed Teacher but planning to apply as non-teaching position previously worked as an accounting staff. Thank you.

  5. I agree. Not yet license for teacher but wanted to apply as non-teaching position. Previously worked as an volunteer teacher. Thank you!

  6. I agree with the author although not hundred percent. I’m interested to apply even if non- teaching position to help the classroom teachers focus on their job. I’m a license Elementary teacher and have been joining the RQA since 2016 but unfortunately, I have not achieve rank 1. If hiring additional personnel by Dep Ed will be implemented this SY 2022-2023, then I’m interested to apply. I hope the hiring authorities will notice me.

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