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Negative teachers detract from the positive atmosphere in the classroom

Negative teachers detract from the positive atmosphere in the classroom

There are numerous teachers at school who exhibit a wide range of behaviors. Do you realize that teachers’ poor habits have an impact on students’ learning? What do you mean by that? When there are a lot of negative teachers in the classroom, surely it’s not a good environment for students and certainly not a good environment to study since the students will be impacted by their undesirable activities, which will have an emotional and psychological impact on the students. Why won’t negative teacher behavior be curtailed? Because old and new teachers in the same specialization or year level will be grouped together, the grade level has been pooled for the distribution and retrieval of self-learning modules, especially in this time of pandemic. Peer pressure is extremely strong in this kind of set up.

If a teacher exhibits these toxic traits, the colleagues will experience greed, enviousness, and anarchy. They are always creating words to defame other teachers, attempting to bring them down because of their position or jealously of their family’s steady income. Some teachers are envious of their colleagues for a variety of reasons. This unpleasant trait is innate to a person, so it cannot be avoided. Especially if they are in the same environment, it will be visible. Teachers who are not part of this group should demonstrate that you are unaffected by them since they will continue to pull you down if they believe you are weak and affected.

Students and teachers who have positive behaviors should strive to not be influenced by them. These negative individuals do not provide a positive example for students and employees. They believe they are superior, despite the fact that they have people with higher intelligence than they. These teachers are really ambitious. They want to destroy you, even if they see you in a difficult circumstance. They will not stop because seeing you in the dark makes them feel glad and thankful for what has happened to you. They do not feel sorry for you because negative behavior always lasts a lifetime. It would not be altered in any way. The weather may change from day to day, but unpleasant behavior will not. Their faces would be transformed by plastic surgery, but their behavior would be irrevocable. However, if you are surrounded by this type of behavior, you will be grateful because you will be forced to work harder to attain your life’s objectives and dreams. Keep an optimistic attitude and pray. This is the ideal weapon for students and teachers who have been subjected to a variety of smothering behaviors that make their heads hurt. Remember that devil creatures can exist in the presence of good humans. – Doki | Helpline PH