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Salary increase update! Monthly Salary for Teachers and Master Teachers Effective January 2023

Salary increase update! Monthly Salary for Teachers and Master Teachers Effective January 2023

The monthly salary for teachers should be the top priority of the government and DepEd. An increase in salary is the main request of teachers to be soon raised by the new administration. The last salary increase would end in January 2023, so the current administration would give teachers a lump sum raise so they could feel the difference.

In this R.A. No. 11466, theย raise in the salary is gradual and imperceptible. Additionally, the raise is insufficient and would be integrated into the salary for four years (4th tranche). It has taken a while to wait. While they waited for their salaries to be fully increased, other teachers had already passed away. Some teachers also did not enjoy the benefits because the benefits were insufficient. Their monthly salary for teachers has no spirit because the net pay is so small.

All teachers’ wages should be increased on a monthly basis before the final tranche. This is the teachers’ request to our new administration to ease the crisis that is affecting all commodities. Since some teachers are the primary providers for their families, they must make the increase right now to help the teachers’ situations. The monthly salary for teachers is indispensable, so teachers need full support for them to concentrate on their teaching.

Under Republic Act No. 11466, or the “Salary Standardization Law of 2019,” all government personnel shall be provided with fair and equal compensation in accordance with the principle of equal pay for equal value.

Through this, the revised salary schedule for civilian personnel will be implemented in four (4) tranches. The fourth tranche of this increase will take effect in January 2023. Teacher I will start with a monthly salary of P27, 000, followed by Teacher II at P29, 165, Teacher III at P31, 320, and so on.

The salary of teachers according to R.A. 11466, Fourth Tranche of SSL V

  • Teacher I- SG11- P27,000
  • Teacher II- SG12- 29, 165
  • Teacher III- SG13- 31, 320
  • Master Teacher I- SG 18- 46, 725
  • Master Teacher II- SG19- P51, 357
  • Master Teacher III- SG20-P57, 347
  • Master Teacher IV- SG21-P63, 997

In the preceding tranche, teachers thought that this gain would not be the final but rather the beginning of a rise in the belief that teachers’ opinions mattered. Despite the recent tranche, teachers still need a pay raise right away because the cost of living has climbed so much that they are already struggling. Therefore, a raise is necessary for teachers to survive. Since their top goal is getting enough food to survive the crisis, their earnings are insufficient to sustain their families and even their own personal requirements.

The monthly salary for teachers indicated above is lower than those of the police, military, firefighters, and nurses. The monthly salary for teachers is minimal, and their monthly wage barely covers food for a week. Where do they find the money to cover their needs for one month? They have no other source of income. Most of the teachers are dependent on their salaries and some expenses, like beautification for their classrooms and school supplies,ย are also shouldered by them.

As the crisis affects the teachers, the situation deteriorates. Apart from their poor incomes, teachers are forced to take out loans because they have no other way of supporting their families. Some teachers sell things online to support their families. Can the teachers concentrate on their teaching? Therefore, teachers ought to get higher monthly salaries to reflect their status as educators. Before the end of this year, teachers’ hope to receive an increase in their salaries. – Doki | Helpline PH

26 thoughts on “Salary increase update! Monthly Salary for Teachers and Master Teachers Effective January 2023”

  1. increase in salary also increases deduction nothing happen its just the same hindi ulit mararamdaman ang pagtaas ng sweldo kasi dagdag deduction din katulad ng gsis gsis gsis phil health withholdimg tax etc….

      1. mabuti pa yong ordinary citizen na no contribution sa philhealth ay benifited ng programa, bka pued alisin na lng dn ang monthly phil health deduction natin sa nga guro and be benifited the same.

  2. Sana po madagdagan na yong sweldo ng teacher because of high commodities nowadays.They did not focus on teaching because they need to have extra income to support their families.

  3. Helen Fortuno Petalio-Francisco

    I am looking forward for a realistic increase of salary for teachers that is commensurate to the prevalent rising inflation of the prime commodities.
    May also suggest that teachers health care be given attention of the present government(e.g if one got sick,there must me a hospital for teachers that would take care the well being of these modern day heroes).
    Paper works of the teachers be lessened specifically the IPCRF -RPMS which is quite taxing to prepare…It may be modified so as not to eat out the time of teachers instead revive the PAST (Performance Appraisal for Teachers)
    Then,may I suggest that all through out the country from Regions 1-12 and NCR Teachers’ Incentives must be the same like teachers may receive 1 sack of rice plus money say 3k just like the Military & Police.I believe that we deserve these incentives because we are the unsong heroes of the department.

    High ranking officials do not know the after school sacrifices of teachers specifically during the surge of COVID-19 pandemic.Almost three 3 years that we slept up to wee hours preparing the modules and other learning tools @home because of lack of time..We even sacrifice our health just because we want to deliver the goods well to our clienteles .

    Thank you so much and I am looking forward for a positive action and response on these suggestions the soonest.

    Praying for a much better educational system and a better Philippines ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

    Thank you so much and Good Luck to our very vibrant,smart and witty new Education Secretary and Vice President of the Philippines her excellency Ma’am/Atty Sara Duterte -Carpio

  4. Please we are hoping that somebody in a higher position who has the heart for Teachers..If salary will increase…please do not allow the increase of GSIS premium and other mandated deductions…para na ring nagtatarabaho kami para pambayad sa increase na mandated deductions…Paki review na po sa GSIS kasi po marami nang Teachers na hindi nasasayahan sa services from GSIS, kung kinaya ng mga sundalo na may iba silang insurance group, bakit hindi po magawa ng DepEd?

    1. Suzzette Ann A.Lammawin

      Sana may increase sa administration ni PBBM at VPSD, dahil need talaga Ng mga guro Ang increase because they have said that teachers are dependent on there salary na nakaloan Naman sila dahil Nga sa kulang sa budget pra sa pamilya
      God bless us all

    2. For me…i think expanding the gfal is one of the solutions. Gawing 1 million ang maximum na pweding ipa-loan sa mga teachers pero ang purpose ng loan ay bayaran lahat ng existing loan ng isang teacher sa private & public lending institutions. Payable for the maximum of 20years. And the same pa rin ng gfal na hindi na pweding mag reloan ang teacher at hindi na rin pweding mag loan sa other Lending Companies & kahit sa gsis mismo or other public loans hanggat hindi pa fully paid. Ex: Teacher 1 salary for 2023 is 27,000 less tax, (GSIS, PHILHEALTH, PAG-IBIG) contributions & expanded gfal monthly deduction…availed the expanded for 20years worth 1million…cguro nasa 11k per month ang total deductions. Yung magiging net ng teacher is 16k per month or less. Pero depende pa rin sa remaining number of years ng isang teacher yung kakayahan to pay. And i hope this government should also act IMMEDIATELY of passing Bills for the health assistance including the first family, housing program and double the 2k PERA to 4k. Tama na yung studies & planning….implementation naman sana. Ang tagal na kasi….TEACHERS ARE SUFFERING.

  5. Teachers make lawyers, doctors, engineers, nurses, police, and the like. But why is it that teachers’ salary is lower than those professionals they made. There’s something wrong in our system that we need to revisit so that the modern heroes as they say, will be treated with high dignity and gratefulness to teachers as makers of professionals, will be restored with high regard. Thanks for considering this little amount of reflection for those lawmakers who are made by teachers. It’s high time to pay kindness for kindness.

  6. Wla rin kwenta! Tataas din ang deductions!!! Hay naku isa pa ang GSIS ginawang gatasan ang mga guro! Pabigat ang ahensya na yan!

  7. Salamat po at may salary increase,
    Pede po ba mag request, pag arqlqn nyo din, kayo na nasa new administration, na one time na Lang po ang pag bigay, “wag na ibigay in 4 TRANCHE” Bale wala din kasi, di namin ramdam ang increase sa taas ng mga bilihin. Ang bilis NG inflation rate.
    Salamat po

  8. Kung Sana lang Po matigil Ang inflation rate ok lang samin kahit walang increase. Kaso Po pamahal Ng pamahal Ang bilihin. Our Salary doesn’t sustain our needs to survive crisis.kahit Naman cguro hndi pamilyadong tao magrereklamo pag patuloy Pong ganito Yung sitwasyun.lalong lalo na kaming may pamilya at mga anak na pinapakian๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜”. Sana Po masolusyunan Po ito Ng ating pamahalaan๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  9. Sana nga dagdagan ang salary iyong makatulong e mayroon naman yong tax e di parang wala lng d rin maramdaman mas lumala pa

  10. Sana bawal na kaming gumastos Ng sariling Pera sa loob Ng classroom Kasi Isa sa mga dahilan Ng pagloan Namin ay dahil required kaming ayusin mga rooms and chairs Namin ni Isang duling walang support Ang school.kahit Isang gallon paint man lang WALA…tapos 1 year 2 years pa lang change Ng change Ng room Kasi order Ng boss.

  11. Teachers really work hard nowadays considering the fact that we have lots of paperqorks to do. Im just hoping that salary grades will be revised so as to have a just and fair difference between t3 and master teacher 1! Just imagine that.. t3 has a basic pay of 31 while a MT1 is 46… fact is we all have the same work and worst t1 to t3 workss harder compare with them!

  12. Isa pang dagdag pasakit sa teachers ang GSIS.. Naawa ako sa mga teachers na namatay na hindi naabutan ang retirement age. Sa laki ng kinukuha ng GSIS sa mga teachers, burial fee lang ang makukuha ng pamilya pag namatay si teacher na di pa retired.. bakit ganun? Marami pang katiwalian sa GSIS pero hindi man lang nabibigyan ng action..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  13. hindi nararamdaman ang increase dahil napupunta kng anga lahat ng increase sa gsis, tax na sobrang laki, philhealth na hindi nman magamit, gfal at consoloan ang laki ng deductions pro pag inruire mo sa for almost 3 years na deductions parang hindi nabayaran kasi nga malaki pa rin ajg amount…no choice..kahit pa anong tipid tips ang gamitin dahil mahal ang mga bilihin at maliit ang sahod uutang talaga c teacher…para mabuhay ang pamilya..
    sana makota ito ng bago nating Deped Secretary Sarah Duterte ..pag – aralan kung saan napupunata ang payment sa gsis, at mabigyan rin na free 1 sack of rice..shelter , hospital for teachers alone….#hopeful

  14. Sana lang po my salary increase na..
    Mahirap sa my tatlong anak na puro nag aaral na nag iisa ka lang my trabho..
    Salamat po..

  15. instead of salary increase, increase na lang ang PERA ACA at additional monthly cash allowance of at least 2 000 and above. wala sibli ang salary increase kasi tataas lalo ang tax deduction, gsis share, phil health at iba pa.

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