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Master teachers should not refuse extra work given by higher authorities in 5 huge reasons

Do you agree that master teachers should not refuse extra work given by higher authority? As part of the workforce of teachers, I have seen the fights of master teachers into their way to promotion. They did everything to get promoted in their specific schools.

Many times I witness the struggle and the fights among teachers to get promoted. To become a master teacher, one must be ready to be tough and handle things with great care. As the famous quote from Spiderman says With great power comes great responsibility. This quote fit the most within the circle of master teachers in each school. So with this, master teachers should not refuse extra work given to them.

Here are the top 5 huge reasons why master teachers should not refuse extra work:

1. Master teachers have high salary. 

Master teachers earn more than the lower ranks do. In short, they wanted the status because of the salary. We should try not to be hypocrite here.  We all wanted a higher position because of the salary. Higher salary means more financial freedom for the family. Since master teachers do have high salaries, we expect them to do the work given by the principal to them.

2. Being a master teacher means you are well-versed enough.

It means you master the skills more than anyone. Higher authority expects more from the master teachers. Master teachers should not refuse extra work since they knew the pros and cons.

3. Master teachers are the second highest authority after the principal.

In the absence of the principal, the master teachers are the ones to keep the school in good shape.

4. Master teachers are the ones who attended most of the seminars needed for their school.

Seminars and trainings are always attended by the master teachers. They are bound to re-echo the learning they got from the seminars. Teachers look up to them on matters like this.

5. Master teachers are well-respected and trusted by their co-teachers.

All master teachers are well respected and trusted inside the school. If you are a master teacher, make sure to act one.

These are the top reasons why master teachers should not refuse extra work. Extra work is the burden that comes along after getting the promotion. If you are not ready to work your butt, then don’t rush to get promoted as an MT. Stop complaining and start doing your job.Alec | Helpline PH

1 thought on “Master teachers should not refuse extra work given by higher authorities in 5 huge reasons”

  1. Wag naman ganyan mga kapatid teacher pa din kami… lumalabas na kasalanan namin that we promoted. We are also human who feel tired and please wag lahatin hindi lahat MT magaling marami naging MT kasi he/she have papers to present at nagkataon we were chosen among the few. We left our advisory just to TA my co teacher and remember most of us MT were at the lowest section na talagang nangangailangan ng somebody tonteaxh them but we were ask to TA .. they forgot to think that our kids needs teacher to thoroughly discuss lessons for them. But we were oblige to observe sana observation is a principals task kasi MT kami dapat last section and dapat nasa classroom kami turo lang ng turo to the best of our ability….. dapat kaming mga MT hindi na kami mag TA.

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