A Fickle-Minded Principal Will Never Have Loyal Teachers

A Fickle-Minded Principal Will Never Have Loyal Teachers

A fickle-minded principal will never have loyal teachers and that is for sure. Have you had a principal who acts cool in front of his teachers but is not effective in his work? 

Nowadays, teachers are aware of every detail surrounding them and their school. They are no longer the traditional teachers. They know how to perceive a leader who is incompetent and ineffective.

So, how does fickle-minded principal acts in front of his subordinates? You will know if your principal is fickle-minded if he can’t decide on his own. He acts cool and confident but he has two sides of the coin. 

A fickle-minded principal will accept all the opinions of his teachers. He won’t turn down someone because he is afraid that they might have ill feelings towards him. He can’t decide on his own and he needs the feed of his mater teachers. He will let his master teachers decide on very important matters. He plays safe always but is never acting his authority as the highest.

If your principal is like this, he is for sure fickle-minded and he can never effective in his job. The school may have pitfalls if the principal goes like this all the time. Teachers will have backlash and there will be no unity among co-workers.

It is very vital in every school to have a strong and dedicated principal who can read and tame his teachers. In this manner, there will be equality among all regardless of rank position. There will be no rooms for hates and backbites. There will only be professionalism inside the campus and nothing else.

If your principal is fickle-minded, for sure he is alone and all teachers surrounding him are fake. They must be wearing their poker faces and not wanting to made known that they don’t like their principal.Alec | Helpline PH