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How to tell is your co-teacher is a manipulative genius?

How to tell is your co-teacher is a manipulative genius?

Teachers who are manipulative geniuses are widespread in the society of teachers. You don’t know if the teacher you are facing right now is reading your mind and is going to manipulate you. Beware of these kinds of teachers and avoid them to avoid further trouble. In case you don’t know how to tell who are they, this article is for you.

How to tell if your co-teacher is a manipulative genius?

1. She befriends all those that are strong enough to be on her side.

A manipulative genius teacher wants a close bond with teachers who are also strong like her. In this manner, it is easy for them to conquer the school as long as they want.

2. She knows how to twist and turn the events in her favor.

You will always most likely fall in her trap because she knows how to create her own version of the story. Beware of these kinds of manipulative genius teachers. Manipulation runs in their bloodline.

3. She doesn’t accept criticisms or corrections from other teachers.

Corrections from co-teachers won’t have a chance with these kinds of teachers. They don’t accept criticism and corrections.

4. She pushes her co-teachers to do things she wanted in her behalf.

She can do it herself but why bother if other teachers can do it for her? 

5. She is bossy enough and she will try to infiltrate your management if she wants it.

Manipulative genius teachers are those bossy ones who think they are higher. Avoid them at all cost if you want a peaceful life inside the school.

6. She will befriend the principal and will make him be her puppet as long as she likes it.

If the principal is weak and dumb, these manipulative genius teachers will take the place. The principal becomes a puppet in display.

7. She thinks she is the correct one among the rest.

Manipulative genius teachers always think she is always right and the rest are wrong.

8. She will try to bully other teachers in an indirect manner.

Most of the times, these kinds of manipulative genius teachers will bully others. If you think only students have bullies, then you are wrong. In the circle of teachers, if you are weak, you don’t stand a chance.

9. She wanted to be always the original, and she doesn’t want to have a copycat.

Manipulative genius teachers always want to be the original. They don’t accept teachers who want to ask for their opinion. They don’t want someone tarnish their reputation.

10. She is pure evil dressed in a professional uniform as a disguise.

In short, manipulative teachers are those who wear their uniform but disguises themselves. Avoid them at all cost and learn to read minds of others before it will ruin you as well. – Avril | Helpline PH