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5 types of co-teachers to avoid in every public school today

5 types of co-teachers to avoid in every public school today

We all have co-teachers to avoid everyday as we go along with our routine as teachers in the public schools. Whether we like it or not, we must learn how to mingle with these types of co-teachers at all cost. We don’t have a choice, but to get along with everyone but as long as you have the chance to avoid them, please do.

Here are the 5 types of co-teachers to avoid in every public school:


You must avoid these types of co-teachers for this will mean hell as you befriends them. These types are very good in front of you but when you turn your back, they talk bad about you. You can’t trust them and if you fall victim, you sure will be in every issue always. You must learn how to pick your circle of teachers.


This is one of the types of co-teachers to avoid because they sure will make your life miserable. They always think high of themselves and they always have something to say. They won’t accept any ideas from any other teachers for they think their knowledge is above all. These types will always brainwash the heads of your principal and later on will cause chaos. These types of co-teachers are like “little attorneys” in your school campus. Don’t be deceived by their outer shell. 


These types of co-teachers are almost everywhere (lol). They are those who smiles at everyone yet have always something bad to say. They know how to hide their true emotions by their speaking skills and smiling aura. They can entertain others very well with matching appreciation. Faking their emotions and feelings are their best assets. Beware of these kind of co-teachers for they will turn your life upside down.


This is one of the types of co-teachers to avoid in your school. They know how to play victim as always. They know how to bend stories and end up like you are the culprit. They are like saints who can’t kill a mouse but they are real monsters inside. They are the ones who attached themselves to your principals and befriend them. It is easy for these types to get promoted and earn merits.


Of course, we will never forget these types of co-teachers we have. They gossip non-stop all over the lives of their co-teachers. They buy issues and put you into spotlight in an instant with their gossips. One small issue may become a very huge one because of these types of co-teachers. Be careful who you share your thoughts for they will make it big. They are best in adding or subtracting issues.

These are the types of co-teachers to avoid in your school every day. If you have very good co-teachers who are very supportive then you are lucky. Almost all the public schools have them. So, are you one of those types of co-teachers or not?Alec | Helpline PH

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