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2022 Awestruck Increase: Malacañang Assures Better Salary Increase for Teachers

2022 Awestruck Increase: Malacañang Assures Better Salary Increase for Teachers

Malacañang assures a better salary increase for teachers. This is good news for DepEd teachers because Duterte’s administration ensures a salary increase of 29,798 or 32,321 pesos. Finally, Malacañang has the latest update about the DepEd teachers’ increase. Teachers hope to see an actual increase in their salary; the growth is not just good enough for the deduction of GSIS and withholding tax.According to acting Presidential Spokesperson and Communication Secretary Martin Andanar, “I’m sure mayroon ding pagtaas ng sweldo sa mga guro natin. Mahal ni Tatay Digong ang ating mga guro. Andanar said he would ask Education Secretary Leonor Briones for an update on the plan to raise teachers’ pay”. 

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian has proposed to increase the pay of a teacher 1 either to Salary Grades 13 or 14 (P29, 798 or 32,321) from Salary Grade 11 (25,439). If the salary is raised to Salary Grade 13 under the third tranche of the Salary Standardization Law V the government will need an additional P58.6 billion to compensate teachers. If it is adjusted to Salary Grade 14, P92.1 billion will be needed to cover the wage increase.

This is the latest news on the increase in DepEd teachers, which Malacañang assures teachers. The teachers hope that they will not break these promises. The current situation is quite tricky. The cost of everything is rising. Teachers’ salaries are insufficient to meet even the most basic needs of their families. When the family is hungry, it’s challenging to teach.

Teachers are still expecting a raise because they are encouraged to get money from their pockets, even when preparing meals to welcome visitors. After all, the school has no savings or budget intended for this event. Aside from this, teachers must spend their own money on classroom decoration, school supplies, and other items required in the classroom.

Since the Malacañang assures the increase, teachers urge the government to implement the plan soon. Teachers at the Department of Education are continually on the lookout for it. Many teachers perished and could not taste the actual increase in their pay. Teachers are hoping that they will fulfill these pledges before the election. Doki | Helpline PH

24 thoughts on “2022 Awestruck Increase: Malacañang Assures Better Salary Increase for Teachers”

  1. It’s good to know that tatay digong will eventually look on the teachers welfare. We cry for the increase to meet both ends for our daily needs. More so if our officials will raise the PERA/ACA of teachers. Prioritize our pupils to teach and give enough learning for them,and not to prioritize paper works which is not supposed to be the teachers jurisdiction of duty. God bless Tatay digong🙏🥰
    May this news be done,🥰🙏🙏👍

      1. nerrizza c. sebarrotin


  2. Elizabeth B. Alojado

    hoping it will be realized sooner….how teachers love to hear is awesomely wonderful….teachers will teach more meaningfully and effectively..thank you PRRD, though i already retiredfrom the service, still am happy for the teachers…..good luck everyone.God bless

  3. We thank you in advance the recent government if they give our salary increase due to higher demand of living nowadays. It will be a great help to pay our bills and buy our foods for the family to survive. God bless 🙏🙏

  4. Thank you Pres.Duterte im sure you will leave a trademark to teachers before you finish your term and tjats our SALARY INCREASE and will always be remembered by your second mother TOUR TEACHER too.MABUHAY KA PANGULO.

  5. Thank you president Duterte!
    Sana din PURELY TEACHING lang din ang gagawin ng mga guro, wala nang iba pang e assign sa kanila, which is nababawasan ang kanilang time to prepare the lesson. Ang dami talagang mga reports na ipapasa urgent.
    Sana lang po!

  6. Thank you in advande My President…It is very helpful for us the salary increase,and may the paperworks be unloaded from the teachers which is not related to teaching…God Bless po and Take care always..

  7. Wishing po n Sana removed all extra work Lalo n po s mga reports n wla nmang naitutulong s pag aasenso ng guro s pagtuturo, npkhirap n po mga gwaing nmin kulang n rin po time magturo s mga bata, f2f is nearer pno nman po kmi mkpag concentrate f overloaded po kmi plagi

  8. This is a great help to the teachers because they even spent their own money for their classrooms just to comply what is needed for the betterment of their learners and school as well.Not even thinking that the budget intended for their living were already used up. Aside from that, everything in the market are all increasing that their salaries will not suffice even the basic needs of their family in a month..Hoping that this will be implemented the soonest possible.God bless..

  9. To our PRRD: Tay, sana man lang bago ka bumaba sa puesto mo nakaplastado na lahat mga plano at pangakp para sa aming mga guro. Ikaw ang na tatanging AMA ng Pilipinas na may transparency administration, malinaw na adhikain alang alang sa masa o sambayanang pilipinas. Salamat sa maaring tugon nyo sa aming muntng pangarap, Tay…

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