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Reasons why public school teachers cut-off a small amount from their own pockets

Reasons why public school teachers cut-off a small amount from their own pockets

Most people will think that if you are a teacher, then you much money. This instinct is basic and most of the people around you think this way, however, the truth is teachers don’t have enough money. They can avail of loans but that’s it. No one gets rich by being a teacher.

Even then, teachers always see to it that their hard-earned money are budgeted to cater to the expenses of the family. Aside from that, teachers also cut a little amount of it to allot it to their professions.

Here are some reasons why teachers cut-off a little amount from their pockets:


Most teachers need to improve their classrooms to make it more presentable to the eyes of the learners. They need to decorate the classroom and make it more colorful (especially for elementary) and catch attention. The teacher used their own money for this.


Teachers have at least two or more AGAK students. It means the teacher will be the one to pay for the student’s school fees depending on their agreement. This is also a gesture of being empathetic to our students and to make sure they really can graduate because of our support.


This is actually true in every school where the teachers will be the ones to shoulder the amount of the activities needed for a certain event or activity.


It is in a form of donations but is actually a must for every teacher to pay. Donation is only a term used however the teacher should donate an exact amount for a cause.


During big events or functions, teachers are asked to pay the amount divided among the number of teachers in a district to pay for functions like having visitors, etc.

All of the abovementioned reasons are true, however, this is already part of who we are as teachers. We never complain, we never explain since all is a gift and all is plain. We just are very thankful that we still have a source of income out of the work we love, and that is teaching.

So as to say that teachers are rich, come to think twice upon reading all of the reasons above, and then you will truly know how it’s like to be a teacher. Stay safe everyone! – Clea | Helpline PH