6 proven signs to leave teaching in public schools than waiting for a change in the system

6 proven signs to leave teaching in public schools than waiting for a change in the system

Are you planning to leave teaching right at this moment? Well, I guess many teachers felt the urge to do so with the current situation they are in. The fact that they are still struggling with financial and with the system they have, this solves all. It is never easy to leave what you love doing but when you feel that you are not happy anymore, then call it off. To leave teaching is a better option than waiting for the system to change. Here are some proven signs to leave teaching and jump to other opportunities:

1. You are not happy anymore and you don’t feel you are growing as a teacher

Leave teaching immediately when you are not happy with your job anymore. The feeling when you are not growing because the job is too much to bear. It is important to note that you can do better in your job when you are happy and at ease.

2. You work hard yet you are underpaid

This is a very important sign that you should be mindful of. With today’s economy where everything is high, you need to have a salary that can give you an assurance. If you work hard every day and do overtime without getting paid, then it is time for you to leave teaching. We work to survive and to survive means we need to get higher salary for our families. If your current teaching job can’t give you that then leave.

3. Chronic health issues are on the way

If your job is giving you health issues and not giving you health care assurance, then leave. Nowadays, many teachers are struggling with their health issues because of their job. There is no health assurance and they need to take out loans for their treatment. This is a sign to leave teaching immediately before it is too late.

4. Your teaching environment is getting chaotic

Leave teaching when you don’t understand the environment you are in already. If you think your workplace is toxic and the teachers are all in chaos, then leave without any regrets.

5. The department’s values don’t align with your own

There are times when you can’t speak and do what you feel is right because you are not allowed to do so. For example, “no student left behind system”. Too much pressure on the part of the teacher. No more explanation, leave teaching right now.

6. Better opportunities are waving with higher compensation

There are many opportunities for teachers in other countries that offer HIGH SALARY. Aside from that, you need not worry about health care anymore. You are teaching while travelling, isn’t it fun? Teachers must now consider their own self first before any others. Practicality is what our current world is asking from us, no more hero deeds. Good luck teachers!Avril | Helpline PH