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A health care provider that is absolute and all-inclusive is what teachers need this 2022 and onwards

A health care provider that is absolute and all-inclusive is what teachers need this 2022 and onwards

Health care is a very important aspect in our lives as we try to survive in this cruel world we live in. As human being and as living machines, we need to work to earn for us and our families. This is the reason why we also need to take good care of our general health and maintain a good shape. What good will it do if you have a proper job yet you have a weak body right?

Photo: Complete Care Community Health Center

In connection, professionals must always make sure they are healthy while working. Teachers in general are professionals that exert effort in triple ways. They engaged their physical, mental and emotional health in one class alone. How stressful would it be if they have classes the whole day with different learners all in one? You can’t imagine the risks and the sacrifices they do.

This is why proper health care is what our public school teachers needed the most this 2022 and onwards. DepEd should have given their teachers a health care provider that is all-inclusive. Our teachers needed a health care provider that is willing to take good care of their clients.

Health care is the most important thing for teachers as many of them have hidden illnesses. Most teachers can’t afford to go to a doctor considering their economic status at present. Everything is now very high from the groceries to the consultation fees. How can they take care of themselves when they don’t have an absolute health care provider?

It is also true that teachers like most government employees do have PhilHealth. This is a national insurance system intended to ensure a sustainable health for all. Yet, they failed to give their clients what is due to them. You can’t rely on PhilHealth in times of emergencies. Whether you like it or not, they only refund you with only a small percentage of your whole billing. A disappointment most of the time but what can we do?

Teachers need a health care provider that concerns about their general health. The one that gives them what is due to them as teachers have deductions monthly for this alone. A health care provider that caters the absolute needs of its clients fair and square. A health care provider that is honest and can be lean on in times of emergencies.

Will the government see teachers and consider giving them another health care provider? Will DepEd even care about their teachers and try to put on their shoes sometimes? Teachers will only be hopeful that this 2022, their voice may echo. Let teachers live with assurance that their health is not at stake. – Clea | Helpline PH