Teachers vow to never again get a loan but can never get out of it

Teachers vow to never again get a loan but can never get out of it

Many teachers vow to never again get a loan but still can’t get out of it. The problem is going in circles as if it never stops. Once a teacher is inside the “loan circle“, it is more likely he/she can never get out from it that easy.

As a saying goes “Money is the root of all evil”, I can hardly agree to it. Yes it is true that money is the root bad things but we can never deny the fact that we all need money to survive. We all need money to live here on earth. We need money almost all the time. 

It goes the same way with teachers like who in most cases have had rough times in making sure they budget well. Some people may never understand how it is to have debts everywhere. Teachers are the concrete example of working hard but not saving up.

People will see teachers as professionals who can afford anything. Their perceptions on teachers are high enough that they don’t know what the real score already is. Trust me, if you are a teacher your neighbors will think you are rich. To be exact, they don’t know the struggles of the work of a teacher.

Many teachers vow to never again get a loan but it is hard to break free from the chain. Once they are in, they can never leave. Loans and debts are part of the lives of our teachers. and never judge them on why they get the loans for the many reasons that even ordinary citizens also have. 

If a teacher vows to never again get a loan, he/she should make sure she has ample amount of resources to get to live. If only the salary is the source of income then it will before sure a nightmare. A teacher with a family to feed needs exactly justifiable salary every month. How can teachers save up when their salary is not even enough? This is the cry of all teachers in the country.

Recently, politicians are using teachers as part of their propagandas and promises. Enough of these promises that will never become real. Teachers need officials who are not afraid to fight the rights of the educators in the country. They need officials who can fulfill their promises once they are in the position. Teachers may have many loans everywhere but they are still holding on to survive. – Clea | Helpline PH