LOANS: Teachers’ Hopes and Bridges

LOANS: Teachers’ Hopes and Bridges

Teachers had a lot of loans even before the pandemic. They have loans all throughout, and these loans are really beneficial in lifting a family out of poverty. Many people claim that many lenders will lend to teachers because of their monthly pay. Despite the fact that the wage was above the neck, the family was able to make ends meet. Will a monthly take-home income of 6,000 pesos suffice? Well, it depends on the family’s way of living.

Why do teachers choose to borrow money from various lending institutions? Even their salary ATM is mortgaged, and the lenders hold it until the loans are paid off. Teachers opt to take out loans in this manner because it is the only way for them to get out of the financial bind they are in. Why do teachers have to carry the weight of the entire world on their shoulders? Because only teachers are willing to provide for their families in both good and terrible times. For a variety of reasons, teachers took out a high number of loans.

There are a number of reasons why so many educators are in debt. The increase in pay provided by the government is insufficient to compensate for the teachers’ efforts. Even for training and seminars, teachers would contribute fees for the venue and food, which are refundable to MOOE, but sometimes the school in charge may claim that the expenses are not a priority and so cannot be refunded. There is no budget allocated for the training or lectures attended. All of the school’s savings had been set aside for the purchase of school supplies. As a result, the teacher is speechless. Just take a deep breath and walk away. Is this an acceptable justification to deny teachers a refund? I hope this circumstance does not occur at your school.

On school days, we may notice numerous teachers lining up with many lenders due to poverty. We can’t blame teachers since where else can they get money to pay hospital bills, pay for their children’s education, and meet the family’s daily basic needs? Teachers are in the classroom for eight hours, working with 45 to 65 students in one area exclusively. What if teachers were in charge of six sections per day? Teachers are entertained by a variety of student behaviors. After a long and exhausting day, the teacher was confronted with a new challenge. Teachers considered where they would get money to feed their children after leaving school. Many teachers suffer from illnesses as a result of stress and overthinking about earning money because their salaries are insufficient to cover their expenses, but they only wait for the remainder of their income once their debts have been deducted.

What an inequitable world we live in. Nonetheless, teachers are tackling the epidemic. Teachers are ecstatic when they receive bonuses, and some have already sold their bonuses to lenders, waiting for the money as left over after the lenders deduct the amount they sold. On the other hand, teachers wish the government would pay attention to their requirements. They ask the government to provide free medication to teachers. This could be the best benefit the government should extend to teachers. Keep in mind that health is wealth. Many teachers perished as a result of a lack of funds for medical examinations. Their remaining salary can only be used to buy food for their families.

We’ve heard that many teachers boost their income despite receiving a monthly paycheck. The salaries of teachers are soulless. As a result, teachers sell on the internet to support their families and offer products to schools to supplement their income. Teachers can then devise a method to help them improve in this situation. But why are so many despised teachers opposed to teachers’ sidelines? Maybe they need to realize that working hard isn’t a bad thing. This case must be handled by the school’s principal. Teachers should discuss harmonizing connections between teachers, school programs, and initiatives through team building. In this way, teachers forget sadness and turn to happiness. Therefore, get rid of any resentments or jealousies. When a person’s behavior is like this, nothing gets better. So, they should have to collaborate for the betterment of their school. They should work together to help other teachers get out of poverty and begin a meaningful life without fear of the future. – Doki | Helpline PH