The 5 options for teachers to spend their free time: Time Management Tips for Teachers

The 5 options for teachers to spend their free time: Time Management Tips for Teachers

Free time is somewhat like when you need space or a break from all the things in your work or school. Some teachers have the feeling that they don’t have a break, especially during this time period when teachers are required to go to school for enrollment.

Free time is needed in the body because without a break or relaxation, you will get sick since the body will also ask for rest. Rest does not require traveling to see beautiful sights; you can get rest at home by watching movies, dramas, reading books, Google, YouTube and scrolling through or browsing Facebook. Teachers spend their free time in a variety of ways. It’s up to them what they will do to enjoy their free time, even on a short break.

Why do you think some teachers are so busy even during summer or Christmas break? “Because some office work is required, the teachers are assigned to make and finish the reports”. How do teachers spend their free time? They have to budget their time. Instead of talking nonsense to others, they have to focus on how to relax.

There are 5 options for teachers to spend their free time.       

1. Organize the day by priorities

Teachers’ time management must start with setting priorities and organizing the day around the most important tasks. Setting priorities can help teachers stay on track during the day, even when something unexpected comes up and the work seems too much.

2. During face-to-face classes, teachers should have a strategic plan for making an assignment.

Both teachers and students may find that assignments that require repetitive practice are better suited for the home environment. When students are given assignments that just require them to do a set number of problems for practice, they waste valuable class time. Teachers should limit giving assignments to students. They should give assignments that can be managed by the students.

3. Avoid “loaded” procrastination.

Teachers should avoid piling on paperwork instead of doing it right now. A small pile of work is easier to manage than making all day nothing. Some teachers find themselves busy because they have not worked on their paperwork immediately until the deadline is coming and they need to comply hurriedly. It’s at that point that the teachers feel crammed to work with it and have no more time to review.

4. Plan for potential crises

It is better to plan ahead for potential problems before facing them in the classroom, as an urgent crisis can distract teachers from their goals within the classroom. There are many preparations to do before classes, like planning of lessons to avoid distractions, because if the teachers are not prepared for their lessons, it might be that the students are doing unpleasant things in the classrooms. The students disturb other students. To avoid this behavior, teachers should already have a plan on how to handle the situations, especially for the new teachers in service. Teachers also should know what they will do when there is a natural disaster. Teachers can work around the needs of students.

5. Set free time

Free time is also important because when teachers are exhausted due to a lack of personal care and time, it is possible that the classroom becomes less effective and efficient. Teachers become sickly when they have no time for themselves. They just work and work with no more time to break. Teachers can also enjoy free time through time management. Managing time is an important part of giving every student a good education and meeting their needs.

Free time is also very helpful to having a healthy mind. Teachers who are suffocated due to too much work also feel the effects on their bodies and minds. Some teachers were so tired from working a couple of days just to finish the deadline reports. Administration reports shouldn’t be done by the teachers, but by the non-teaching personnel who don’t teach.

Remember that teachers’ jobs are only to teach, not to do office work or administrative tasks. Many principals or school heads are violating this order. In fact, most of the office paperwork and reports were done by the teachers. Instead, these tasks should be done by non-teaching personnel. The non-teaching personnel have just received their monthly salary with a little amount of work in the office. This task should not be assigned or worked on by the teachers because this causes the teachers to have no free time or break for themselves. – Doki | Helpline PH