Don’t always blame the teacher

Don’t always blame the teacher

Teachers and students need to work together for learning to happen. Teachers are like guides who show students the way to understand new things and how to think for themselves. It’s not right to blame teachers if you’re having trouble learning something. That’s like saying it’s your doctor’s fault you got sick. Teachers are doing their best to teach in a way that helps you learn on your own. They want you to be able to figure things out by yourself, not just remember what’s in a book. For learning to really work, both teachers and students have to put in effort.

Students, it’s important to treat your teachers with kindness and respect. They’re not just giving out homework; they’re sharing knowledge and life lessons. Talking badly about them or disrespecting them isn’t right. They work hard to make sure you understand what they’re teaching and to make lessons interesting. Think of them as your allies in learning. Showing them appreciation and understanding that they’re human too can make a big difference. They feel good when they see you learning and improving, so let’s make sure we show them the respect they deserve.

Here’s a letter for the students.

To our Dear Students,

Do not insult your teachers. That’s why you are there, to study, not to bully your teacher, sleep in the classroom, or flirt with your classmates. Also, don’t always blame the teacher because of your ignorance, sometimes, you don’t want to learn because of personal issues against your teacher. Don’t blame them because you don’t learn, it is like you are blaming your doctor why you are sick. Help yourself too, it’s not always us, your teachers. We don’t spoonfeed nowadays, it is already the 21st century, if we’ll do spoonfeeding, then how could we develop your metacognition and critical thinking? Sometimes, you need to study on your own too, to go beyond what you have learned, because there are some things that we will not be able to teach. You learn from us. We learn from you. Please make an effort to learn from teachers. Not only do they share what they know about their subject but also some of their life stories have become a lesson to them too so they try to share it with you (not all though). Do not call them names behind their backs, do not disrespect them and do not put them to shame in front of other students. Appreciate their efforts to reach out to you, and how they try their best to make you understand every word they say. Treat them as human beings because deep inside they get hurt too.


Your Teacher

Credits: Sir John Christopher Marzan

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Remember, every teacher in your life is there to help you grow, not just academically but also as a person. They share their knowledge and experiences, hoping to inspire you and prepare you for the future. When things get tough, don’t be quick to blame them if you’re struggling to learn. Instead, see it as a chance to work harder and communicate better. They’re your allies, cheering you on every step of the way. Showing respect and appreciation for your teachers can make your learning journey more positive and rewarding. So, take every opportunity to learn with an open heart and mind, and always remember to thank your teachers for their dedication and hard work. Together, you can achieve great things.