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Teachers vs Tech: The Shocking Truth Behind Today’s Classroom Battles!

Teachers vs Tech: The Shocking Truth Behind Today’s Classroom Battles!

Teachers are facing tough times trying to keep up high grades in their classes. A teacher shared their story about dealing with students who seem more interested in things like social media and video games than their schoolwork. This teacher wants to make sure grades really show how much students have learned, but it’s hard. They notice students today don’t often ask for help before tests and struggle with basic questions.

There’s also a problem with how people think about grades. If a teacher gives a student a 75, which is just passing, some people think the teacher isn’t doing a good job. But this isn’t always fair. The teacher’s story with the saying, “Don’t take it to heart, just smile,” tells us they’re trying to stay positive even when it’s difficult. This shows how challenging it can be for teachers to keep standards high while also trying to connect with students who look at learning differently. It reminds us that teaching and learning need to work together, but finding the right balance can be hard.

“Disclaimer: Huwag dibdibin! Ngitian na lang.

Nais ko sanang maging guro na may mataas na standard, yung tipong you will get the grade that you deserve, kaso naiisip ko. . .

Nagtuturo nga pala ako sa henerasyong hindi kayang sumagot sa exam kapag identification type ang ginamit.

Nasa harapan ko pala yung mga estudyanteng hindi humihingi ng 5 minutes review kapag may pagsusulit.

Nagtuturo pala ako sa mga batang mas alam ang kasalukuyang trending kaysa sa nakaraan na aralin.

Nasa silid-aralan pala ako ng mga mag-aaral na lulong sa adiksyon hindi ng droga kundi ng online games at social media.

Hinuhulma ko nga pala ang henerasyong pilit pìnanghahawakan ang katagang “Grades don’t define you”. Edi wow na lang.

At nagtuturo nga pala ako sa henerasyon ng mga batang madalas inuuna ang kanilang hitsura at porma kaysa sa kanilang karakter at pagpapahalaga.

Ay, oo nga pala, bago ko makalimutan, nagtuturo nga pala ako sa isang sistemang kapag nagbigay ka ng 75, ikaw na guro ang pandidirihan, kasi wala kang ginawa.”

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Reflecting on the teacher’s story makes me realize how much the world has changed for students and teachers. It’s eye-opening to see how teachers struggle to balance giving fair grades with understanding the challenges students face today, like being distracted by technology. This story makes me appreciate the hard work teachers put into trying to reach every student, even when it feels like an uphill battle. It also reminds me that as a student, it’s important to try to see things from the teacher’s perspective and understand that they really want us to succeed. This reflection has made me think about how important it is to focus in class and take my studies seriously, not just for grades, but to really learn and grow.