Bonus Alert: 5 Easy-to-Spot Signs That Teachers Have Got Their Extra Pay

Bonus Alert: 5 Easy-to-Spot Signs That Teachers Have Got Their Extra Pay

The month of May signals the arrival of bonuses for government and private sector employees. This includes our teachers who are excitedly awaiting their bonuses. Let’s shift our topic of discussion for a moment. Today, we are sharing something light-hearted with our readers.

So, what are the signs that teachers have received their bonuses?

Endless Queue at the ATM

With so many withdrawing their bonuses, sometimes the ATM is the one that gives up. There is often a long queue of people eager to withdraw their extra pay immediately. It seems all ATMs are busy during this time.

Running Out of Carts in Grocery Stores

Even before the pandemic, this was the scene in malls and grocery stores. It’s still the same today, only now people aren’t accompanied by their children. Probably because everyone’s shopping schedules align. Teachers often travel to the city from different towns to buy their necessities. The carts in grocery stores often run out when extra pay come in. Teachers won’t be left behind and sometimes even shop simultaneously.

Rebonded Hair

It’s amusing to think about, but it’s true for nearly everyone receiving a bonus. This is the time when there is a budget for personal grooming. Even if it’s just once a year, our teachers get to pamper themselves, too.

Family Outing Trip

Since the bonus is not just for oneself but also for the family, this is the perfect time for outings. Each family has its own way of planning outings. During this pandemic, many will probably head to the beaches for some family bonding.

Food Overload

There’s a feast in every Filipino family. This tradition never seems to fade, especially when extra pay arrive. Sometimes, you can tell teachers have received their bonuses if they frequently post on social media.

The aforementioned points are just some of the signs that teachers have received their extra pay. In these tough times, receiving such a blessing seems to light up our lives. Most importantly, let’s not forget to share our blessings with others. – Avril | Helpline PH