List of Mandatory School Forms Required for Checking (2023-2024)

List of Mandatory School Forms Required for Checking 2023-2024

Sir Jonas Diche, the LIS Desk Admin, emphasized that School Form 9 (SF9) is not part of the forms that the Division Coordination Committee (DCC) needs to check routinely. SF9 is only necessary when there are inconsistencies between the general averages reported in School Form 5 (SF5) and School Form 10 (SF10).

It is important to note that SF9 is not included in the DCC’s standard form review process. This means there needs to be a shift in the traditional approach used by the DCC, especially in how school days are accounted for. The only time SF9 should be reviewed is when the totals in SF5 and SF10 do not match. If these forms are consistent, then there is no need to review SF9. This clarification should help streamline the DCC’s checking process and may reduce the need for an extra DCC member to be involved, allowing for a quicker review.

Sir Diche also outlined the mandatory school forms that require checking:

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Additionally, certificates appropriate to each grade level must be reviewed. It’s important to remember that SF9 is not included in the primary documents or forms required for DCC checks. SF9 will only be examined if there is a discrepancy between the totals in SF5 and SF10, as specified in the directive DO11, 2018. This approach ensures that only relevant documents are scrutinized, maintaining efficiency in the administrative processes.