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Official DepEd School FORMS

Official DepEd School Forms are vital in every teacher’s daily routine. Reports and forms are the decorations in the teaching profession. Teachers are bound to submit their reports all throughout the school year. There are certain reports that they need to comply in line with their profession. These reports include data related to the school and the students in particular. Reports and other documents such as the Class Record, IPCRF, Form 48 and so on are vital in a teacher’s life.

These reports may also change due to the memorandum order from DepEd itself. The Department of Education released ready-made templates the Official DepEd School Forms. In this manner, the teachers can access the templates and fill-in/out any forms they wish to submit. Through this, everything will be a lot easier for them. The only thing is that they need to navigate the internet to have these forms right there and then. These forms are in different formats friendly to the download button. The Official DepEd School Forms can be access online or offline depending on the teacher. Through this, the teachers can do their needed reports without any hassle of writing.

There are various Official DepEd School Forms and each one of them has a sole purpose. It means that one form is different from the other. There is a certain form/template for each purpose. In order to help the teachers access these files, we give you the resource links for these forms for use. Below are the source links for of each form.

Important Notice for the Visitors:

Electronic school forms are not for sale in the public schools. Official DepEd School Forms are downloadable for FREE and ready to use. These forms are available in the Learner Information System (LIS).

School Form 1 (SF1) – Download

School Form 2 (SF2) – Manual | Download, Automated | Download

School Form 3 (SF3) – Download

School Form 4 (SF4) – Download

School Form 5 (SF5) – Download, Kindergarten | Download 

School Form 6 (SF6) – Download

School Form 7 (SF7) – Download

School Form 8 (SF8) – Download

School Form 9 (SF9) – Elementary | Download, Secondary | Download, SHS | Download

School Form 10 (SF10) – Elementary | Download, Secondary | Download, SHS | Download

Any updates or changes on the different forms/templates will be posted immediately.