Mid-year Review Form for Teachers (MRF) – Updated Version

Mid-year Review Form for Teachers (MRF) – Updated Version

The Updated Version of the Mid-year Review Form for Teachers (MRF) is an essential tool for assessing and improving teacher performance. This review is conducted annually, usually in November, to help teachers enhance their skills and meet their goals. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in conducting a Mid-year Review and the importance of this process in the educational system.

The Purpose of Mid-year Review

The Mid-year Review serves as a valuable opportunity for educators to connect with teachers and offer support to enhance their performance. It is not an evaluation with final ratings, but rather a means to monitor and provide coaching to educators. The ultimate evaluation of a teacher’s performance is based on the year-end assessment.

Steps in Conducting Mid-year Review

Step 1: Teacher Portfolio Assessment

The first step in the Mid-year Review process involves evaluating the teacher’s portfolio using the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) and the Mid-year Review Form (MRF). During this step, supervisors can write feedback and reflection notes to justify their initial ratings. This initial assessment helps identify areas where teachers may need support and improvement.

Step 2: Conducting the Mid-year Review Conference

Following the portfolio assessment, a Mid-year Review conference is held with the teachers (Ratees). During this conference, supervisors discuss their initial ratings with the Ratees. This dialogue allows for open communication and ensures that teachers are aware of their performance levels.

Step 3: Addressing Performance Concerns

During the conference, supervisors also discuss any performance concerns that teachers may have. This step is crucial for understanding the challenges teachers face and finding ways to address them. Effective communication can lead to constructive solutions and improvements in teaching performance.

Step 4: Monitoring and Coaching

To support teachers in their professional growth, supervisors use both the Performance Monitoring and Coaching Form (PMCF) and the Mid-year Review Form (MRF). These forms help keep a record of significant incidents, both positive and negative, related to teacher behavior, competence, and performance. By doing so, supervisors can create an enabling environment and provide interventions to help teachers achieve their objectives.

Download the Updated Mid-year Review Forms 2023-2024

Downloading these forms enables educators and supervisors to easily access the necessary tools for conducting the Mid-year Review and supporting teacher development.


The Mid-year Review process is a vital component of the educational system, offering teachers the opportunity to receive feedback and support for their professional growth. By following the outlined steps and utilizing the Updated Mid-year Review Forms, educators and supervisors can work together to enhance teacher performance and ensure the success of students in the classroom.