Some methods to be used by the teachers after taking up their lessons

Some methods to be used by the teachers after taking up their lessons

Teachers are ecstatic to witness the progress of their students after the lesson. Maybe the teachers are keenly observing students to see how they are doing, including whether they are on task and if they are achieving the key learning goals.

These are the following methods that should be used after the lesson:

1.  Organize and Assess Student Work

For students to stay engaged in the learning process, they need timely and helpful feedback about their progress. The teachers should efficiently collect, assess, and record the students’ work. Aside from recording the students’ work, the teacher should develop file folder systems to help organize and assess work or make student portfolios.

2. Engage in Reflection

Reflecting on a lesson after the fact is one of the most effective strategies for improving a teacher’s teaching. Consider questions such as, “What parts of this lesson or activity went well?” What would I do differently next time? Do I think the students understood the key concepts that I planned for them? Reflection on key questions like these will definitely help improve the quality of every lesson.

The achievements of the students are also the achievements of their parents. To increase the impact of students’ excellent performances in class, teachers should inform their parents about the academic achievements of their children. The students would be gladly inspired to see that their parents are proud of their accomplishments. The reasons why some students are not inspired to participate in class? Their achievements are not recognized by their teachers and parents. Recognition is the best way to motivate students to study harder and encourage them to achieve their goals every grading period. Praise students’ achievements through giving awards is the best gift they have received in return for their academic achievements in class. Therefore, teachers must constantly push students in order to observe growth in their academic achievement, and parents must be satisfied with what their children have learned from their teachers. – Doki | Helpline PH