Role of Parents in Education

Role of Parents in Education

Ronald Tenio Salada

Education is the process of teaching learners with different lessons and concepts. It gives the learners with the knowledge about everything under the heat of the sun. It is the process of developing learners holistically for them to be prepared for the future. It develops learner’s knowledge, skills and attitude in order for them to become responsible citizens of the country, and eventually become the leaders of tomorrow.

Education is important to one and all because through education, a better future awaits for one and all. Through education, one’s life will be good and successful. Through education, one can easily land a good job with better compensation. Through education, plenty opportunities will come your way. Through education, one can be developed holistically and can have better chances of having a prosperous life. Education, therefore is really beneficial to one and all.

Education of learners is not a sole responsibility of teachers and school administrators. School personnel needs the help and support of the parents of the learners. They cannot do it all alone. Educating the learners should be a joint responsibility of both teachers and parents. Teachers and parents must be helping and supporting each other for educating the learners.

There are plenty of things that parents can do in order to help teachers and other school personnel in the education of the learners. Parents should closely monitor their children. They should always be aware of the things that their children are doing. They should constantly monitor the studies of their children. They should check from time to time their children’s performance in school. They can coordinate with the teachers of their children. They can also visit the school from time to time to check the performance of their children. They should also attend all the meetings called by the school personnel in order to know what are the latest happenings in school, and of course to know the performance of their children in school.

At home, parents can check if their children are doing their school-related works like studying their lessons and answering their assignments, or doing their self-learning modules and attending to their online classes, now that we are in the new normal of education. They can check from time to time the school bag of their children, check their notebooks and other school paraphernalia, and check the returned test papers of their children. Checking the scores of their children in the test paper is definitely a good thing to do by the parents. If the child has a low score, parents should scold him/her, but instead parents can do a heart-to-heart talk with the child. Parents should advise the child what to do and what not to do. And if the child has a good score or has a perfect score, parents should appreciate him/her. Parents can apply reward system to their children. It is one way of encouraging children to do their best in everything that they do.

Another thing that parents should do together with their children at home is to provide quality time with their children. They can spend time talking with their children at home. They can do some things together like eating meals together, watching good TV shows together, playing different games together and among others. Parents should find time to be with their children. It is not a good practice that parents will just leave their children to their household helpers or to their nannies at home. Yes, these people can monitor the children, but the physical presence of parents means a lot for the children. Children also need the presence of their parents, not only their helpers and nannies at home.

Parents must also teach their children to become responsible individuals. At home, they can give some responsibilities to their children. They can assign their children with different household chores. Assigning children with some household tasks is not bad since it one way of training children to become responsible individuals. Children should not only be taught with the different lessons found in books, but also with the different household chores because they also need to know all those things. It is a fact that parents are not always there for their children or in other words, there will be instances that children will be leaving the house and will be away from the parents, so it is really necessary that children should know doing different household chores like cooking food, washing dirty clothes and cleaning the house. Parents should teach their children how to stand using their own feet and be independent, and not always be dependent to them. This is really part of educating the children.

Above all, parents must be serving as a good role model to their children. It is simply because, what the parents are doing, for sure their children will imitate. If the parents are good role models to their children, definitely their children will be doing their best in everything that they do, in response to what their parents are doing for them. Parents should be their children’s friends, teachers, counsellors and role models. So, parents must be a good role model to their children. If this is the scenario, everything will be definitely okay.

If parents and teachers are helping and supporting each other in the educational process of the learners, for sure this will bring a good result or impact to the learners/children. Parents must be doing their part or their responsibilities to their children, and not just leave their children to anybody else like their household helpers and nannies.
In educating the learners/children, parents should be doing their role and not just teachers only. So, for the learners/children to be developed holistically, parents and teachers should be helping each other.