10 Common interview questions for teacher applicants in DepEd: Helpful tips in the battle of communications

Common interview questions for teacher applicants in DepEd: Helpful tips in the battle of communications

Interview questions for teacher applicants are necessary when they are applying for a teaching position. The school and the division office have created ranking committee members to rank applicants who are willing to serve in public schools.

Interview questions for teacher applicants serve as a challenge to teacher applicants to study or prepare for an interview if they aim to receive perfect points during the interview. Interview questions for teacher applicants are basic but rooted in the teacher’s own prior knowledge of how they handle the class. The teaching strategy is also important and included because that is part of the learning the applicant learns from his/her college.

Teacher applicants can make a draft of the possible questions and answers raised by the panelist for the assigned interviewer. Interview questions for teacher applicants are based on how far the applicant has learned in the field of teaching.

Interview questions for teacher applicants are important when applying to DepEd because you must prepare for them. This interview will sometimes make you nervous or it might make you cram because it is normal to have feelings like these. As an applicant in DepEd, you have so many things to undergo so that you will be included in the pool of applicants in Junior, such as education, let rating, specialized training skills, teaching experience, interview, demonstration teaching, and English Proficiency Test.

For senior high school teacher applicants, such as education, teaching experience, specialized training skills, interview, English communication, portfolio, and demonstration teaching. These components could earn the highest points if the teacher applicants have the potential to demonstrate training skills relevant to their areas of specialization or based on an education program.

Applicants should activate their prior knowledge of teaching. They must also activate their knowledge and memory about their experiences, as many questions have been raised about them. What if they don’t have teaching experience? That’s possible, especially if the teacher doesn’t have teaching experience except for the internship or practicum that the applicant underwent as a requirement to complete the units of the bachelor’s degree.

And that experience for an internship or practicum does not count towards the teaching experience asked by the ranking committee. The applicants can only earn points for teaching experience if they have experience as a substitute teacher or teaching in private schools. This is the reason why some applicants have earned points while other applicants have earned zero, especially the new LET passers or fresh graduates.

Guides and Tips for Interview Questions for Teacher Applicants in DepEd.

1. If applicant teachers were to rank attitude, skill, and knowledge from first to third according to their importance in the teaching field, how would you arrange them?

Experienced teachers believe that attitude comes first because if the teachers have the right attitude, they have the willpower to learn any new skill or knowledge. The second one is knowledge. If they know something, they will have a better capacity to learn it by transforming it into their skill. Above all, what is most important in the field of teaching is attitude. If they have a positive attitude towards work, then everything will follow.

2. What is your reason for applying to DepEd?

As a Filipino citizen who has attended public schools since kindergarten, elementary, high school, and even tertiary education was a product of public schools. I can feel this something inside me that I would love to bring back something to society. I would like to help the Filipino children. I would like to impart knowledge.

Aside from that, I believe that being a DepEd teacher gives me more opportunities to help those who are in need. Although I’m not rich, I am not capable of helping people in terms of money and financial stability, but I know that my perseverance and willingness to offer my service to the public will be a great help to the citizens of my city.

The interview questions for teacher applicants need a wholesome mind to answer those questions. You may choose DepEd because you need to be involved in public school activities. And you also want to gain experience teaching students who are underprivileged.

3. What is the most difficult thing that you have encountered in your teaching experience?

I don’t have any teaching experience. The teaching experience that I have is just about my internship and on-the-job training at a private school. The most difficult thing that I’ve encountered is that I was assigned to a private school, and it’s not just a private school, it’s a private school for students who are the sons and daughters of professionals.

It’s very hard for me as an intern to gain their trust and their confidence in me. So what I needed to do at that time is to show them that the information that I am presenting is all reliable and that I am fully more than a hundred percent prepared for my lesson day by day, even though I am really below them in social class, they can trust me with their education.

4. If you will be assigned to a remote area, is it okay for you?

Yes, because I know that public service is not choosing any location or any direction. Everybody here in the Philippines deserves to have a passionate teacher, a dedicated teacher who will teach them no matter how bad the situations are. This interview question for teacher applicants is a good basis for the interviewer to see that you are not a choosy applicant. You are humble and interested in being part of DepEd and are ready to face any good or bad situation, especially if you will be assigned to an island where the school is located.

5. What is an efficient and effective teacher? What’s the difference?

An efficient teacher is someone who can accomplish all the tasks on time and all the jobs assigned to him or her with one hundred percent confidence and a hundred percent quality, while an effective teacher is someone who can touch the hearts of the students while doing his or her job efficiently. These interview questions for teacher applicants give an idea for the applicants to determine their standing or position in teaching, whether they are both efficient and effective or only one of these two.

6. Which one would you choose if you were given a chance to choose between being an efficient and an effective teacher? 

Being a good teacher or an excellent teacher here in the Philippines requires a composition of 50% being an effective teacher and 50% being an efficient teacher. Because being effective alone means touching the hearts of the students without feeding their minds is nothing, and also feeding the minds of the students without touching the hearts of the students, they can’t be called an efficient teacher. Feeding their minds without touching their hearts and living their lives without inspiring them is also nothing. So, to be a good teacher here in the Philippines, you need a 50/50 for efficiency and effectiveness.

7. How important are visual aids in your life as a teacher?

In teaching, it will include visual aids because it will help them visualize and connect the concepts in teaching, and it will make it easier for them to understand the complex concepts that they are teaching in a simplified way. Aside from that, it’s also fun, it’s also entertaining. You know to see something colorful while your teacher is teaching. Don’t forget that the teacher is still the best visual aid. You will always present yourself as a presentable and respectable image of society.

For the interview questions for teacher applicants, visual aids are also included because the students need some instructional aids that can support their learning. Teachers without effort in making visual aids for their students cannot assure that their students’ learning is one hundred percent.

8. Tell us about your family background.

This is a personal question, but it measures your capacity for communication. Being a teacher, there’s a lot of explaining to do, time and time again. Aside from your area of specialization, what other subjects are you confident teaching? Aside from teaching English, I am confident in teaching Science and Araling Panlipunan because, as you know, English also involves concepts and processes that can be found in Science and Araling Panlipunan. Aside from that, I also like those subjects inspired by my previous teachers when I was in high school and college. 

A great teacher is someone who feeds the minds and imparts knowledge to the young minds of the students. Aside from that, it is the one who can touch the lives of the students who will make them belong to a society that really cares for them. A great teacher is someone whom the students will choose to talk about their personal problems with. I think what makes a great teacher someone who believes in a supreme being is the greatest teacher in the field of education. Those are the components of a great teacher.

9. Where do you want to be assigned?

I would be given the opportunity to choose where I would be assigned, which would be the closest school to my house because I would like to be present in the event of an emergency at the school. I would like to be the person who can address that kind of emergency if the school is used as a relocation site in times of emergency. If the school is on fire, I would be there to save all the important documents. I would also be living in the community of my students. I would like to understand them more so that inside the class I can give them the understanding, the compassion, and the leeway that they need.

I would like to know their parents’ and family background so that whenever I am requiring a project I will know who among my students is financially able to buy this kind of project and who is not, and if I’m able to know that, then I can give them special projects for those students who are less fortunate. Besides, during practice with my students, I can also extend my time since I am in the same place.

10. How will you motivate students who have a low interest in learning because of financial problems?

The teacher knows how hard the students go to school with a very limited allowance. I help my students through sharing my snacks and lunch to them and support their projects if their money is not enough to buy it. I will tell them my story. I will tell them that not everyone is born rich, not everyone is able to finish their studies, but those with the heart, perseverance and dedication will do it. You can do it.

I will tell them my story about that, and aside from that, I will also tell them that I will talk to the other teachers who assigned expensive projects to help their students who could not afford to buy expensive things. But I know teachers in public schools are not assigned expensive projects because they already understand the situations of the students in public schools. I would give the students a guarantee that money is not the key to success, but education is the bridge to reach their dreams in life.

These are some examples of interview questions for teacher applicants. Before the applicants answer the interview, they have to research and practice first because readiness is very helpful so that they can give their answer confidently without hesitation.

Interview questions for teacher applicants are very important so that the applicants will get an idea of the essence of her course. Why do they need to extend their help to their students aside from teaching? Many students in public schools need help. So teachers who are in the field should also show concern and support for their students.

How should I prepare for a teaching interview?Teacher applicants must be ready for the interview because this is the time to show their communication skills that they are capable of teaching and being given perfect points in the interview. Interview questions for teacher applicants are also a challenge to the applicant to research more so that they can be prepared for the interview.

Interview questions for teacher applicants are a great opportunity for the applicants to be discovered as well-versed teachers. If the interviewer is a principal or supervisor, the applicant has a great chance to be hired due to their skill in speaking. The applicant is an asset to DepEd. DepEd is also looking for a performing teacher with communication skills.

Interview questions for teacher applicants are a guide or a matter of bridge that helps them become a better speaker. Through practice in answering questions, they will understand that being a public teacher is not just being a teacher but a lot of responsibilities to do with their students.

The principals before they hired teacher applicants also conducted interviews with the applicants before they hired them. Interview questions for teacher applicants are the prerequisites for being hired and being ready to serve as public servants. The principals should let their applicants undergo interview questions before they are hired for a teaching position. – Doki | Helpline PH

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