12 Tips to pass the principal examinations: The basic and exemplar methods

Tips to pass the principal examinations

In the public education sector, principal examinations are used to select school leaders. All interested applicants for Principal 1 posts are invited to take the test. Several teachers, ranging from Teacher III to Master Teachers, indicated an interest in taking the principals’ exam. Maybe they want to head a school or lead their organizations. Exam takers must first analyze themselves to see if they are qualified to lead the school, especially in supervision.


What is supervision? It refers to the professional guidance and support provided by the educational managers. They are expected to offer the teacher assistance to enhance and improve teacher motivation and classroom instruction. However, lack of knowledge makes the school, teachers, and students pity because the progress or development will depend on the principals’ ability to manage a school. Principals’ unfocused makes the situations float and fall behind the new practice trends in learning, such as division activities or anything that might help teachers and students learn and flourish.

The principal examinations become more complex as time passes. Many previous test-takers failed because the person who produced the test may not have intended for the test takers to pass the exam. The more complex the exam grows, the more difficult it becomes for the test takers. However, several test-takers who passed the principal examinations claim that there are some methods or tips for passing the exam.

  1. All principal takers receive a free review. Each division must be the sponsor for the principals’ review because other takers do not have enough budget to pay for the review, especially now that the prices of all commodities are increasing.
  2. Self-review is also recommended as long as you study before taking the exam.
  3. Buy some reviewers online to update the takers with the latest memorandum, etc.
  4. If you have an extra budget to pay for the principal’s review, consider it.
  5. Read and be updated on the new memorandum from DepEd.
  6. Stay focused on the principal examinations.
  7. Experience in school where you work can also give you an advantage on the test, especially if you are in charge of making school reports and other activities in school.
  8. Peer review and coaching are also a great help in passing the examination.
  9. The principal mock examination is beneficial for test-takers to refresh their learning and get some information relevant to management and administration.
  10. Please make sure the test-takers are physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy to have the concentration to study for and answer the exam.
  11. The takers should study the seven comprehensive domains.
  12. Prayers are the most potent weapon in taking the exam.

These are the essential points to remember if you want to pass the principal examinations. These are basic and exemplar methods to make test-takers confident to answer the test. However, some test takers could pass the exam because of their prior knowledge and understanding of how to run a school.Doki | Helpline PH