A Sample of Closing Remarks for Graduation 2023: Helpful Basic Tips

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A Sample of Closing Remarks for Graduation: Helpful Basic Tips

The primary goal of the closing remarks is to signal to the audience that the speech should come to a close. It is beneficial to highlight your speech’s key elements and summarize them in a few phrases. The audience frequently recalls the conclusion of the concluding statements more clearly than the entire speech.

The final stage of your presentation, which is crucial to its success, is the conclusion. The audience is most likely to recall this section when they get home. Analyzing the significance of the closing remarks is quite important, whether it is a commercial or instructional presentation since it serves two important purposes:

1. The first benefit is that it informs the audience that the discourse is about to end.

2. The second benefit is that it highlights your presentation’s main points and central concept.

Tips for writing closing remarks

  • You can use any style to indicate when your speech has concluded. You can use standard expressions like “In conclusion” or “A few last thoughts,” etc. Additionally, altering your voice’s cadence, pitch, and volume would signal to the listener that you are ready to conclude. This provides them a clue and encourages them to pay closer attention to what you have to say.
  • To successfully strike the mark, your closing words should emphasize the speech’s key ideas. A strong conclusion strengthens the audience’s overall interest in your subject. You can summarize your speech’s main points and use that as the basis for your conclusion. Relating your conclusion with the introduction of your speech or closing remarks by referring some example or person mentioned earlier would help the audience to understand the overall connection.
  • Additionally, leaving the audience with a brief but impactful quotation would be quite effective. A dramatic conclusion, however, can astound the audience and pique their interest in the subject. A call to action at the conclusion would exhort the listeners to act in accordance with your advice.
  • Depending entirely on the audience and the nature of speech, different styles have varying effects. Delivering your conclusion smoothly, patiently, and succinctly is essential. A lengthy conclusion could make the audience disinterested. Additionally, you should constantly keep in mind that an abrupt conclusion could leave the audience perplexed and unable to comprehend the purpose of your topic.

Here is a sample of a closing remarks.

I would not end my speech by only giving thanks to all of you without recognizing all the working hands that made this event possible. The following are; our school district supervisor, our school principal, the FPTA President, all of the junior and senior high school teachers, the masters of ceremonies, the non-teaching staff, the decoration group, the graduates, the parents, and the selected junior students who have helped a lot, especially by giving their time, money, and effort to make this event happen.

I truly appreciate your help. The spirit of success can be felt when people in a field cooperate as a team and share the same goals not just on this occasion, but with all of the activities the students may gain from. Events at the school should be able to involve all staff members, without being split up into groups of two or more. Everyone deserves credit, not just a select few. A true Filipino possesses the traits of being friendly and helpful, without being selfish or having any particular interests.

Graduates, you are encouraged to pursue a college degree. Additionally, cultivate a positive mindset, show respect to everyone, and keep advancing your education while being modest. The secret to becoming a better person is having a goal and direction in life, as well as being willing to help others. God tells us to be kind to others and do good things because He appreciates such sacrifices. Therefore, help others while God works for you.

Once again, congratulations, my dear students! God bless us all!

Closing remarks are crucial and difficult to write. If they aren’t included, the speech abruptly ends, leaving the audience hanging. The audience will lose track of the main point if the ending is overly lengthy or unfocused. The effect of the closing remarks is lessened when the conclusion adopts an apologetic tone, such as lamenting that the speech has lasted too long. Never provide new information in the conclusion since the summary of all the other points obscures its importance.

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