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Meet IRIS, the first AI Teacher

Meet IRIS, the first AI Teacher

Technology is growing fast, and it’s changing how we learn in school. In Kerala, India, they even introduced an AI (Artificial Intelligence) teacher named Iris. Iris can do a lot, like talk in different languages and answer hard questions. This is cool, but it also makes people worry that if teachers don’t learn about new technology, they might be replaced by machines like Iris.

However, it’s important to remember that technology should be used as a tool to help teachers, not replace them. AI and computers can give us lots of information, but they can’t do everything a real teacher does. Teachers help us understand things better, encourage us when we’re feeling down, and teach us how to be good people. They care about us in a way that a machine never could.

So, while it’s good for teachers to learn about new technology and use it in the classroom, we shouldn’t worry about machines taking their jobs. The connection and understanding between a student and a teacher are something very special that AI can’t replace. Teachers are at the heart of learning, and that’s something that will never change. – Mark | Helpline PH