A student is prohibited from marching on his graduation day: It’s a big disappointment for his parents

A student is prohibited from marching on his graduation day: It’s a big disappointment for his parents

The student did not march on his graduation day. Graduation is very significant to the students as well as the parents. Due to the parents’ happiness, they immediately booked a venue to get together after the graduation. Graduation day is a great moment for all students and parents because this is the time that after college schooling, board examinations are waived. After graduation, the students will be in a hurry to file their documents to take the examination.

Graduation day in college is more memorable than in master’s and doctorate degrees graduation. So, the students and parents are excited to march. The parents are so proud to see their son or daughter already have the baccalaureate degree. The graduating students are also overwhelmed that they will soon achieve their dream. The family is extremely disappointed that the student did not march to his graduation day.

Nursing graduate John Marcelino Rosaldo is not ready to talk to the leader of Lorma Colleges, La Union, after not marching at their graduation ceremonies recently. The young man as well as his family members felt great shame and trauma due to the said incident.

Until now, the tragedy that happened to John, posted by his sister Celene Rosaldo on social media on June 23, the day of graduation, is still a hot topic on social media. And last night, former actress Joy Ortega, and elected board member of District 1 of La Union, shared on Facebook, John’s official statement about what happened.

John was with his mother, Kathreen Rosaldo, when he approached Joy Ortega’s office, who was still very upset about what had happened to his son. “We have been very, very embarrassed.” We could not sleep through this excruciating experience. “We were deprived of the opportunity for my eldest son to climb and graduate,” said John’s mother.

In the student’s official statement, he confirmed that he was removed from the line of graduates and would go up to the stage to receive the diploma because his payment of 2,750 in the graduation fee has not been confirmed.

He said that at noon on June 22, he paid the graduation fee via GCash to the bank account of Lorma Colleges La Union, but he did not immediately read the message from the school’s accounting office requesting a screenshot of his proof of payment.

 He said he sent the screenshot of the digital receipt to the accounting office as well as to his adviser. He has not received any messages from the school, so he is complacent that he has lost the problem.

But on the day of their graduation, June 23, one of their clinical instructors (CI) approached him in the queue and told him that he would not be able to go on stage to get his diploma.John said that his graduation fee has been paid but he is still sent to the side of the venue where there are also other graduating students who are not allowed to march.

“Our names were called and our photos were shown on the screen, but we were not allowed to go up on stage to receive our diploma and have that ‘significant’ photo-op,” said John, who was almost embarrassed.

After handing over the diploma, he and other students were told to return to their seats. And here John saw the mother crying. “She was crying with rage and was insistent on knowing who was behind what had transpired,” said the young man.

Following this, he allegedly received an e-mail from their school, “Saw the confirmation email of my payment from the accounting office, which was delivered at 9:52 am on that same day, June 23, 2022.” “I felt robbed of the opportunity to make my family proud to see me up on stage, graduating,” he said.

“It is incredibly traumatic, devastating, and painful, especially for parents and guardians.” There was no reason for them to prohibit me from marching. “It was unreasonable and unjust on their part,” John added.

Meanwhile, John knows that the college management wants to have a dialogue with him, but they are not ready for it yet because of the severe trauma it has caused them. But John said he and his family accepted the school’s “apology” sent to him via e-mail.

The young man added, “May this be a learning experience for all institutions out there.” The reevaluation of protocols and policies must not be conducted to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future. Yesterday, the leadership of Lorma Colleges also issued an official statement regarding the incident through its president, Carol Lynn Macagba.

“I requested for us to meet over the weekend, but the family has declined as of yesterday, June 26”. As we normally do, we investigate all aspects directly and completely to help us understand as much as possible before we make any conclusions so that we may address concerns responsibly.

“We have made factual discoveries that help understand the situation, but social media is not the proper forum for this as we are always respectful of all the parties involved,” Macagba said. He also said that the college management had no intention of embarrassing John or any other student. To the student involved and his family, I wish to express again that we sincerely sympathize with their family’s feelings.

“I also want to reassure them and everyone that there was no intention or were there any actions made to cause public humiliation, embarrassment, unnecessary discomfort, stress or anxiety to anyone,” the official statement said.

On the graduation day, students should attend the occasion because it is their great day. Graduation day is full of excitement for the students and their parents. Receiving diplomas and wearing togas are two of the most valuable gifts students can give their parents.  

So, on the students’ graduation day, the school should not have deprived the children’s right to march that day. It is their great honor to see the fruits of their struggles. Graduation day needs an atmosphere that is friendly and peaceful. Some graduation days were celebrated anywhere in their provinces just to conduct the graduation. This also occurred in other provinces in the Visayas, where typhoon Odette destroyed many classrooms.

Graduation Day marks everyone special, particularly the students and parents who are excited to march. Even if the students are not honor students, graduation day is still the best day for them. This graduation day means a lot to the graduates, who are inspired to march because they want to be escorted by their loved ones or parents. By accomplishing all this, the students wanted to engrave the date of their graduation. – Doki | Helpline PH