Inspiring former public school teacher is now earning an epic P120k as a vendor

Inspiring former public school teacher is now earning an epic P120k as a vendor

A former public school teacher tried his luck as a vendor and is now earning Php120K. This is an inspirational story of Sir Lino Mandigma from Maluna, Quezon.

Sir Lino grew up in a farm and considered farming his dream job. Yet, instead of being a farmer, he became a teacher.

“Noong nagtuturo ako, maghapon akong nagtuturo, minsan masakit sa ulo. Pagdating mo sa bahay magsusulat ka pa ng lesson plan, walang katapusan ang pag aaral,”

– Sir Lino recounting his days as an elementary teacher

Sir Lino’s wife is the first to go to Italy as an OFW. His desire to be with her made his decision to leave teaching in Quezon and become a domestic worker in Italy.

Many Filipino teachers became OFW’s in other country to try their luck. Forge by the urging desire to provide a better life for their families, they went abroad. Sir Lino is one of the many former public school teachers who left teaching to try a new pasture.

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and many Filipinos seek jobs in this country. Majority of the OFWs work as domestic staff and caretakers. Many are also in the hospitality, manufacturing and farming industries.

This inspiring Lolo and a former public school teacher found his way to raise his income. This Lolo sells vegetables he grows in his rented piece of land in Italy. Aside from farming, Sir Lino also worked as a barber as his second job. This former public school teacher looks after a 150 sq.m garden that he leases. There he grows various Filipino vegetables.

This former public school teacher shares that you need to be madiskarte working as OFW. Sir Lino also shared that he earned an estimated Php128K by farming. Well, not bad for a farmer in other country as long as Sir Lino enjoys his job. The most important thing is that you love your work so you can enjoy every bit of it. – Clea | Helpline PH