Filipina Teacher awarded in US

Filipina Teacher awarded in US

A Filipina special education teacher has been awarded in the US for her dedication and sacrifice to teaching.

Ella Wagan-Nava was the first Filipino to receive the Heart of Education Award.

The award recognizes outstanding teachers at Clark county schools in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wagan-Nava said that there are many challenges in teaching children with special needs, especially during the height of the Covid19 pandemic. 

“Mas gusto ko makita ‘yong estudyante ko next to me than online, kasi sobrang limited ‘pag online. Pero ayun nga lang, ang dami mong preparation saka parang inaasikaso mo online tapos may inaasikaso ka sa gilid,” she said.

“I find joy in teaching them kasi lahat ituturo mo tapos kaunting achievement lang ng bata, like, if my student imitated me verbally, sobrang laking achievement na ‘yon for me,” she added.