An inspiring story of a then coin diver who is now a successful public-school teacher

An inspiring story of a then coin diver who is now a successful public-school teacher

This is a story of a then coin diver little girl who grew up to become a successful public school teacher. Who would have thought that this little coin diver will strive hard to reach her dreams?

Photo: Arlene E. Alex/ Facebook

Our country is rich with different stories of “from rags to riches” and struggle is a lot more of their concern. Coin divers are famous in the Philippines and even innate top our Badjao tribes. Children at a very young age are already good in diving for coins in the piers. This is somehow connected with our inspiring story.

This is the story of Arlene Eje Alex, a half-Badjao half Tagalog who is now viral on social media platforms. At her very young age, she was then a coin diver in the piers. Life is tough for her and her family which forced her to do coin diving to accumulate money. 

According to teacher Arlene, her father never gave her the permission to do coin diving. Even though their life was very poor, her father never allowed her to do it. Yet, when her father got sick she later learns to dive for coins. Teacher Arlene was 8 years old when she first learn to dive to support herself. 

“Eight years old po nag-start na akong manisid sa pier para lang po maka survive sa araw-araw at may panustos sa pag-aaral.” – teacher Arlene

This teacher coin diver learns the tough parts of life as it became her stepping stone towards her goal. She sets her goal to finish her studies and make herself a successful teacher as she is today. 

In a recent post, this teacher coin diver finished her Master’s Degree and many got inspired. This is a great representation that status in life is nothing if a person is eyeing for the goal. 

The life of teacher Arlene now is very different compared to her life before. This is because of her perseverance and struggle. This story is an inspiration to all that are also goal-oriented like teacher Arlene. – Clea|Helpline PH