Barok english is what a brilliant lady speaks and is impressive when she graduated magna cum laude

Barok english is what a brilliant lady speaks and is impressive when she graduated magna cum laude

Barok English or Carabao English is what most Filipinos used in communicating. We used this most of the time ever since and we get to understand it. We are all like this brilliant lady who speaks Barok English yet she proved the people she is brilliant. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and impress people including Netizens.

Photo: : Kamila’s 4am Art

In our country where English is not the first dialect, we try hard to speak the language. Sometimes if we can’t be fluent in English, we look down ourselves and lose our confidence.

This lady speaks Barok English and she shared her journey in achieving her dreams. In her Facebook post, Mimi shared that even if she is Magna Cum Laude, she speaks Barok English. 

According to her Facebook post, Mimi is proud that she graduated Magna Cum Laude:

This is her full post:

Photo: : Kamila’s 4am Art


I have dyslexia so I often have spelling errors tapos di rin talaga ako magaling sa grammar and syntax so I used to shy away from posting in English.

Nakakahiya kasi magkamali. Nakoo lalo na nung college ako ang daming grammar Nazi! Mga pinoy pamandin hilig din mag correct ng English publicly. Kahit sa TV, punchline lagi ang “barok” mag English.

Kaya, until recently, I used to equate intelligence with a person’s ability to speak in English.

Things changed as I studied here in Japan and started learning Japanese.

Dito, kahit na “barok” ang Japanese ko, no one is laughing at me, no one is judging my intelligence because I cannot speak a language. If a native speaker of the language I am currently studying is not shaming me, why should Pinoys be shaming English learners?

Kaya ayun, I don’t feel ashamed anymore.

Afterall, the mastery of a language is a factor of many things like time, money, learning challenges, etc.

My intelligence is not measured by how good I am in speaking and writing in English or any language for that matter.

I am writing this to encourage people to be kind to people who commits spelling and grammar errors. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HINDERS THEM FROM LEARNING ENGLISH.

If you must, correct someone privately.

We will appreciate it better this way.

And to you dear English learner, please be kind to yourself. English lang yan. Importante, you’re trying, and you’re learning. 

Padayon lang.



Magna Cum Laude pero di magaling mag English.

Ps edit: this post is a call for kindness and understanding for people who is not proficient in English. But please, let us also be kind to people who is more comfortable in speaking English.

My main point here is: IT IS NEVER OKAY TO SHAME PEOPLE. Kindness is free, let’s practice it generously.”

– Clea | Helpline PH

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