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A reminder from a School Division Superintendent

A reminder from a School Division Superintendent

An understanding and compassionate reminder from a School Division Superintendent to other SDS went viral online.

SDS Evangelyn Ladines from Paranaque City urged other SDS not to impose impractical deadlines on the submission of forms from the teacher side. Furthermore, she said, that teachers need consideration in this time of public health crisis. Not all teachers have access to the internet especially those who choose to go home to their respective provinces.

Here is the full message of SDS Evangelyn Ladines:

“Another reminder my dear school heads. Complains from other sdos are being received by the CO AND RO regarding setting of unreasonable deadlines of LIS, SF, AND IPCRF. PLS DO NOT SET DEADLINES THAT IMPRACTICAL TO MEET. LET US REMEMBER THAT NOT ALL HAVE ACCESS and EXPERTS OF IT, SOME LEFT THEIR FORMS IN THE SCHOOL NOT KNOWING THAT HOME QUARANTINE WILL BE IMPOSED, SOME WENT HOME TO THEIR OWN PROVINCE QUICKLY ETC. Pls wag tauo dumagdag sa mga inereklamo na. Ty”

In this time of crisis, we have to secure our health first; that paperwork’s can wait when this battle is over.