How do teachers feel when they are being observed by their SUPERVISORS/SCHOOL HEADS?

How do teachers feel when they are being observed by their SUPERVISORS/SCHOOL HEADS?

Teachers are usually most prepared when it comes to dealing with different personalities of students. Upon application, they already knew what they would be facing right in front of them if they will be hired by the institution. When it comes to the preparation of the lesson plan, it has been an observance to always be equipped every day since lesson plan serves as guide during discussions. Lesson plan is also vital because during observations, it will be the first one to be checked by the observing supervisor.

I have been a teacher for almost 10 years now and even the time duration, I am still nervous whenever a supervisor will observe my class. I think that being nervous is just normal for all teachers like me. Being on this topic, I will give you a list on how do teachers feel when we are being observed by our supervisors.


  • Get really nervous because there are supervisors who are strict enough to intervene in class. Most supervisors just sit and listen but there are those few who act as if they are the student (very rare case only), and the worst case, you will be corrected in front of your students. I think a teacher’s dignity matters most to his/her students.
  • Panic to the extent of overdoing his/her lesson. There are teachers who cannot control their emotions and really get anxious by just the thought of being observed.
  • Get uneasy because maybe he/she isn’t that well associated with the supervisor that will make the observation.
    In case of unannounced observations, teachers most likely will get tensed because there are times that the lesson plan is not printed or written yet.
  • If there are negative comments and suggestions during observations, it will make teachers feel emotional and try to examine themselves where they lack.
  • Be vigilant on the highlighted comments on the observation sheet.
    Make sure that the students are really that cooperative during the flow of discussion to avoid any negative comments.

In short, teachers even though seasoned, still get to be emotional, anxious, nervous, panic during observations. The feeling is all proven and tested and everybody felt that way. No matter how good or well versed a teacher is in her subject of specialization when it comes to observation, all feels the same.  Let us just not forget that even though all through it, we still make sure that we deliver our lessons wholeheartedly to the class and make every single student understand. The confidence we try to build in front of our students is priceless and it makes us who we are until we retire. – Clea | Helpline PH