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How to Get an SSS Number

To be an SSS Member, one must obtain first an SSS Number. Every employee working in the private sector must have an SSS Number for their employer to report them as their employee and to pay their monthly SSS Premium. If you are not yet employed and wanting to be contribute as self employed, non working spouse, OFW, or just wanting to secure an SSS Number for future use, here are the easy steps on how to get an SSS Number in the Philippines:

  1.  Registrant shall submit two (2)  duly accomplished SSS E-1 Form. As of time of writing, this is the updated E-1 Form on the SSS Website. Or you can check the SSS Website’s Dowloadable Form section for an updated copy.
  2. Bring the required ID or Documents for the Issuance of SSS Number as proof of identity:
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. In the absence of the Birth Certificate, any of the following documents:
      • Baptismal Certificate or its equivalent
      • Driver’s License
      • Passport
      • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card
      • Seaman’s Book (Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book)
    3. In the absence of the above lD card(s) and/or documents, any two (2) ofthe following, both with the correct name and at least one (1) with date of birth:Together with the accomplished E-1 Form, registrant must present any of the required cards and documents as proof of identity:
      • Alien Certificate of Registration
      • ATM card (with cardholder’s name)
      • Bank Account Passbook
      • Baptismal Certificate of child/ren or its equivalent
      • Birth Certificate of child/ren
      • Certificate of Confirmation issued by National Commission on
      • Indigenous Peoples (formerly Office of Southern Cultural Community and Office of Northern Cultural Community)
      • Certificate of Licensure/Qualification Documents from Maritime Industry
      • Authority
      • Certificate of Muslim Filipino Tribal Affiliation issued by National
      • Commission on Muslim Filipinos
      • Court Order granting petition for change of name or date of birth
      • Credit card
      • Firearm License card issued by Philippine National Police (PNP)
      • Fishworker’s License issued by Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)
      • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) card/Member’s Record/Certificate of Membership
      • Health or Medical card
      • Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG) Transaction card/Member’s Data Form
      • Homeowners Association ID card
      • ID card issued by Local Government Units (LGUs) (e.g.,Barangay/Municipality/City)
      • ID card issued by professional association recognized by PRC
      • Life Insurance Policy
      • Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate
      • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
      • Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA) card
      • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) ID card/Member’s Data Record
      • Police Clearance
      • Postal ID card
      • School ID card
      • Seafarer’s Registration Certificate issued by Philippine Overseas
      • Employment Administration (POEA)
      • Senior Citizen card
      • Student Permit issued by Land Transportation Office (LTO)
      • Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) card
      • Transcript of Records
      • Voter’s ID card/Affidavit/Certificate of Registration
  3. Additional Supporting Documents
    1. For married
      • Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate or  a copy of Member Data Change Request form (88 Form E-4) of the spouse duly received by the SSS where the name of the registrant is reported as the spouse
    2. For widowed
      • Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate of spouse
        or Court Order on the Declaration of Presumptive Death, if previously
        reported spouse is presumed dead
    3. For legally separated
      • Decree of Legal Separation
    4. For annulled or with void marriage
      • Certificate of Finality of Annulment/Nullity or annotated Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate
    5. For divorced
      • Decree of Divorce M. Certificate of Naturalization (granted before divorce) or its equivalent
    6. For divorced Muslim member
      • Certificate of Divorce (OCRG Form No. 102)
    7. For reporting child/ren, whichever is applicable
      • Birth Certificate/s or Baptismal Certificate/s or its equivalent
    8. Required Documents for Local Enrollment in the Flexi-fund Program
      • Valid Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) gr; E-receipt issued by POEA

If the additional supporting documents required for reporting the civil status and dependent(s)/beneficiary(ies) of the registrant are not submitted at the time of registration, these data shall be tagged as “no documents submitted” in the registrant’s personal record in SSS. The registrant should immediately update said data by submitting the required documents with the duly accomplished Member Data Change Request form (SS Form E4). The immediate submission of additional supporting documents to SSS shall facilitate and expedite the processing of benefit claims upon contingency.
  1. Fill up two (2) SSS E-1 Form correctly. Use blank ink only.
  2. Bring a photocopy and the original copy of the required IDs or documents stated above.
  3. Some SSS Branches has an E-Center SSS Number Application Facility where you can personally encode your Personal information in the system. A Member Service Representative from SSS will assist you and issue your SSS Number. If you are a computer literate and you can type your personal information correctly, then you can choose this option. Some has reviewed that there are less waiting time in this process.
  4. Or you can Fall in line for the SSS Number Issuance counter and wait for your turn. Submit your E1-Form
    and the photocopies and original copy of your required IDs or documents.
    Wait for the SSS Member Service Officer to return a copy of your E-1 that contains the printed SSS Number on the SSS Number box. That is your SSS Number.
A friendly reminder:
  • Take note of your SSS Number. Your SSS Number is your SSS Number for life. There should be one SSS Number for every SSS Member, so do not borrow your spouse’ or sibling’s SSS Number cause it may cause wrong reporting of your SSS contributions and may cause problem on claiming of your SSS Benefits.
  • Keep your SSS E-1 Form. Some employers require a copy of the SSS E-1 Form as one of their employment requirements.
You can also apply for an SSS Number online!