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Updates On the Release of PBB 2022

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Updates On the Release of PBB 2022

The Performance-Based Bonus, or PBB, is an additional reward given to government employees. It’s calculated as a percentage of their regular monthly salary. This bonus is given based on how well the employee contributes to their department achieving its objectives and commitments. The better they perform and help their department succeed, the higher the bonus they might receive.

Update As of December 5, 2023

Today, we went to the Records Section of DBM Malacañang to let them receive our letter requesting the expeditious release of PBB 2022, preferably in cash mode.

We never fail to commit our time to the needs of our fellow teachers. As requested, we heed the call of the teachers to release PBB 2022 in ‘cash mode’ since most of our members’ salaries, bonuses, and allowances are garnished by heartless shark loans under public lending and private owned institutions.

The fiscal year 2023 is about to close and until now, PBB 2022 is not yet released.

Source: Ma’am Shiela Lim Manuel of ASSERT

Update As of December 11, 2023

Source: Qcpsta Teachers