Updates On the Release of PBB 2022

Updates On the Release of PBB 2022

The Performance-Based Bonus, or PBB, is an additional reward given to government employees. It’s calculated as a percentage of their regular monthly salary. This bonus is given based on how well the employee contributes to their department achieving its objectives and commitments. The better they perform and help their department succeed, the higher the bonus they might receive.

Update As of December 5, 2023

Today, we went to the Records Section of DBM Malacañang to let them receive our letter requesting the expeditious release of PBB 2022, preferably in cash mode.

We never fail to commit our time to the needs of our fellow teachers. As requested, we heed the call of the teachers to release PBB 2022 in ‘cash mode’ since most of our members’ salaries, bonuses, and allowances are garnished by heartless shark loans under public lending and private owned institutions.

The fiscal year 2023 is about to close and until now, PBB 2022 is not yet released.

Source: Ma’am Shiela Lim Manuel of ASSERT

Update As of December 11, 2023

Source: Qcpsta Teachers

Update As of March 2, 2024

For FY 2022 the review and validation are still ongoing.

Rest assured that we will send the results or updates to the DepEd focal person/s once approved/ signed.

Source: El Maestro

Update As of April 12, 2024

Encoding lists of eligible teachers to receive PBB 2022🤗

Source: Ma’am Shiela Lim Manuel

Update As of April 17, 2024

With a rating of 48.75% the teaching force is now entitled to receive PBB 2022.

Source: Ma’am Shiela Lim Manuel

Update As of April 26, 2024

Final Validation Results for the FY 2022 Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) and Preparation of Form 1.0
Some highlights:
📌DepEd attained a total score of 75 points for the eligibility criteria and conditions and is therefore eligible for the grant of FY 2022 PBB.
📌All Regional Office – Performance Management Teams (RO-PMTs) are requested to expedite the consolidation and submission of the Form 1.0 on or before 10 May 2024.
📌All DepEd employees are reminded not to transact with individuals / groups claiming that they can provide advance information on the PBB or expedite the release of the payout, and instead report these scammers to the proper authorities for appropriate sanctions.
📌The Department and PBB oversight agencies shall never demand payment for information and payout that DepEd employees are lawfully entitled to.
📌All DepEd employees are enjoined to request assistance from the DepEd office/s concerned and refer to official issuances and websites of DepEd and PBB oversight agencies for official information.

Update As of April 28, 2024

PBB 2022 is now a reality and will be released soon.

Source: SDS Lorenzo Mendoza

Update As of May 29, 2024

We’ve just received confirmation from DBM NCR that the First Batch of FY 2022 PBB for DepEd, including NCR, was officially received on May 21, 2024. 📅 it’s now undergoing evaluation, Stay tuned for updates. 💼 #PBB2022IbigayNa

Source: ACT NCR Union

Update As of June 8, 2024

📣 PBB UPDATE: DBM has started the issuance of SAROs for the payment of the FY 2021 PBB of DepEd teaching and non-teaching personnel and eligible/qualified employees in regional and schools division offices in all regions.
As per records of ACT, the 2021 PBB for DepEd was already released last year. However, in the DBM website, it is stated that the SAROs and NCAs released are for for the payment of 2021 PBB. ACT will seek clarification from DBM on this.
Check the updated SARO listing in this link:
Stick around for further updates!
Source: ACT