Weak principal: Top 5 guaranteed results to emerge in a school in his watch

Weak principal: Top 5 guaranteed results to emerge in a school in his watch

Having a weak principal is the worst nightmare every school can have. Why is it so? A principal is like the pillar in a school and he is there to watch over his teachers and students. He should be strong and firm as he is seen by the people in his community. He must have good leadership skills and on-point decision making. If he is weak, how can the school run?

A sign on the side of a school building shows where the principal’s office is located.

Here are the top 5 guaranteed results when a school has a weak principal:

1. Factions and division of teachers in his watch.

Having a weak school principal is always a problem. This will create divisions among the large group of teachers. If there is no leader to balance everything, all opinions of the teachers will emerge. This will cause too much tension within the group.

2. Competition and chaos will always prevail.

If the school has a weak principal, competitions will always emerge. All teachers want to showcase their talents and skills. When there is no leader, teachers will compete with each other and will create chaos. An example is competition on promotion.

3. No proper dissemination of memos from higher ups.

It is proven and tested that schools whop have weak principal will always be the last to know updates. Weak principals who only know how to depend on their secretaries. This is where the school will be problematic.

4. The school will be in a total mess.

A weak school principal will always make his school a total mess. There will always be decisions that aren’t accepted by all creating mess. 

5. Teachers will have no motivation to work due to negative vibes in the workplace.

If you have a weak principal, you won’t have the motivation to work due to the atmosphere inside the school. Negative vibes will always seep through without even knowing. That is the result if you have a weak principal. – Avril | Helpline PH