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Teacher vlogger shared useful guides on teaching abroad using her famous channel

Teacher vlogger shared useful guides on teaching abroad using her famous channel

A teacher vlogger shared here useful guides on teaching abroad through her channel. Nowadays, teachers are willing to take risk and try their luck abroad. This is the result of being underpaid in their home country.

Teachers in the Philippines resort to many rackets, ways and means to earn extra income. As we are facing traumatic hardships brought by the pandemic, our economy as well is getting weak. Our teachers also feel the hardships along the way.

PH teachers are getting tired of their stagnant status. Whether they liked it or not, they have to work non-stop 8 hours a day 5 days a week. The volume of work compared to the compensation they get is not worthy for their effort. This resulted to many teachers trying their luck in other countries.

This teacher vlogger found her niche by helping all teachers through her YT channel. Her videos focused on giving tips and guides to aspiring teachers to work abroad. Being a teacher vlogger, she also feels her co-teachers.

At present, there are already several teacher vloggers whose main goal is to inspire. They not only inspire other teachers but other people as well. Different teacher vloggers have also different channels with different niches. The general purpose is to give tips and ideas to inspire others.

When all is unsure here in the Philippines, other teachers may opt to try their destiny abroad. These videos are the best to help our teachers look for their way outside the county. Not only that, the kind of videos that the teacher vlogger shares are interesting as well.

If only our teachers are well-compensated, they won’t try to dive in to another resort to find for other ways. It is true that we are in a survival mode. Our teachers need something that can give them assurance as they grow older. – Avril | Helpline PH