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Awe-inspiring teachers turned vloggers

Awe-inspiring teachers turned vloggers

In the recent years, there are a lot of inspiring stories about teachers turned vloggers. This is one of the change brought to us by the internet and the social media platforms. Before the rise of the pandemic, there seemed to be few teachers who already started vlogging. When the pandemic started, the rise of youtubers also soared high. This become the era of the “youtubers” and a lot of aspirant vloggers started their channels.

Teachers are not exempted by this change. As the pandemic becomes more and more transparent, teachers turned themselves into vlogging. Teachers turned vloggers are one of the most epic change in today’s set-up. This pandemic has great effects on the lives of the people and the society. If the quarantine keeps us from doing things outside, then human as we are, we are ready to adjust to keep up the race.

These are only the things I see why a lot of teachers try the world of the internet and social media:

  • To give their students easy access to lessons which are difficult to share with.
  • To give concise but accurate demonstration of the skills that they wanted to pass on. Students will understand more if they see it.
  • YouTube and many other social media platforms are ready all the time for access.
  • Vlogging is enjoyable and it also gives way to teachers to still master the art of talking.
  • Making videos, talking in front of the camera and a little edit then uploading it on your channel will pay. Yes, vloggers will make money by making videos. Aside from giving lessons, you are making money as well.

Teachers turned vloggers for these reasons. Not only teachers do vlogging but as well as students with their own videos. As long as you are capable of talking in front of a camera, then you can have your own vlogs. Today, people in different profession find reasons to live, work, study and earn. You can actually become one if you want, and the rest will follow along the way. – Clea | Helpline PH