Alarming truths about the modular learning and it’s effects on the teachers and learners

Alarming truths about the modular learning and it’s effects on the teachers and learners

What are the truths about the modular learning and what are it’s effects on the teachers and learners? We will find out as we will turn pages on expanding our knowledge about it.

As we all know, this pandemic hits too long in our country, the Philippines. This situation caused too much immobilization of the workforce of the country. It caused the economy of the country to go low and striving people becomes worst. The educational aspect as well is in a seesaw effect. Teachers are doing their jobs without any hint when this struggle will be over. Students doing their task and modules learning a little bit. Yes, this is the recent struggle of the educational system amidst this pandemic.

These are the truths about the modular learning and it’s effects on the teachers and learners.

1. Modular learning need more budget for the production of materials. Teachers extended double effort on the modules.

Teachers: Extra preparation for the topics to include in the modules. Offer time for the reproduction of the materials. Quality assured modules for the students. Own budget to use in the printing if school MOOE is unavailable. In short, teachers sacrifice their own pockets to make this happen.

Learners: The bulk of modules will somehow stress students. In the long run, they will realize some techniques on how to make their burden easy coming up with cheating. Students demands the answers of other classmates and send it via their GC or messenger. They don’t take time to read the modules anymore. Then, students don’t learn.

Conclusion: The effort of the teachers becomes a waste. Students become lazy and they don’t learn anything.

2. Teachers limit the length of the topics included in the modules for the students to cope up.

Teachers: Take ample time to scan topics relatable and more important. They don’t want students to complain the longevity of it.

Students: Most of them neglect to read the modules when it is very important. They don’t give any importance to the efforts of their teachers. Although not all students do this because there are few who are doing their best even though it’s modular.

Conclusion: Waste of effort for the teachers and students neglecting their duties.

3. Students make it a habit of asking money from their parents for their research to answer modules.

Teachers: Parents confront teachers because their students get low grades. In fact, they gave their money every week for their students for load to research. They blame teachers for it.

Students: Asking money from parents saying they have a research but the truth is the load goes to games.

Conclusion: Teachers become the target of hates from parents. Students make modules as their alibi to ask money from parents.

These truths about the modular learning are true in the entire public schools. It is the same dilemma that each school is facing especially in the high schools. In a situation lie this where we can pinpoint when this pandemic will end, it is hard for the teachers and students. Only time will tell of the days ahead and the when this struggle will end for everyone. – Clea | Helpline PH