Top 10 truths about Modular Learning

Truths about Modular Learning

The educational system of the country is facing great devastation during the pandemic. Teachers, students and even the parents have to adjust big time in this new normal way of learning.

There are many this and that when it comes to this issue. To sum up my realizations, here are the top 10 truths about modular learning.

1. Modular learning helps the students in crossing the bridge to learning.

Learning is not hindered and students still learn in their homes.

2. Modular learning has both advantages and disadvantages.

There are more disadvantages than the advantages.

3. Most students do not see the value of modular learning.

Many of them do it for formality cause. Students never take modular learning as a serious matter. Some of them let their parents do the deed.

4. The conduct of modular learning costs huge amount of money.

The government has to pool out huge budget for the modules.

5. Modular learning make the parents realize the value of inculcating their own children.

Parents realize that teaching is never an easy act. They somehow internalize the value of the teachers over this pandemic.

6. Parents find it hard to divide their time for their children and realized the value of the schools.

If there are more students in as household, the parents have to divide their time and attention.

7. Students becomes lazy in doing their modules already.

The pandemic is way too long that students are now lazy to for their modules.

8. Teachers double their effort in the preparation, retrieval and checking.

Teachers make sure that their modules are ready for the sake of their students.

9. This pandemic is dragging the educational system.

The school year is in big turmoil and the educational system is also dragging. The senior high students did not have their immersion. There will be no graduation ceremony for the grade 12 and no completion rites for the grade 10.

10. Modular learning may take longer than expected.

The schools have to be ready in case this pandemic will take longer than we expected. There are still Covid cases all around the corner. – Clea | Helpline PH