Top 5 training public school teachers need to perform better

Top 5 training public school teachers need to perform better

Teachers perform well in their roles as educators if they are well-equipped. Talents are inborn but skills need acquisition. In order to equip them with the skills needed for the new normal way of teaching, they need trainings.

Here are the top 5 training that public school teachers should have to perform best in their field:

1. Computer Literacy Training (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Outlook, etc)

The modern teachers need not to do this since they are more well versed on using the new technology. This calls upon the attention of those teachers who are way behind on the trend of technologies. It’s sad to note but there are teachers who can’t compete with the abilities of the new ones in the technology level. DepEd should at least make sure that all their teachers well trained. It is a serious call for a proper and thorough training, not a “for the sake” one. Hands-on training on the use of the MS Applications. Schools should send all teachers to training, not only one teacher but all.

2. English Language Training for all Teachers

It has come to the attention that more and more students are now doing poor in the English language. This calls for the attention not only the English teachers but all teachers as well. Regardless of the major, all teachers should be well-versed in the English language. It is a shame that the past generations are better compared to the recent ones in language.

3. Training on a Teacher’s Profession (refresher)

This is an urgent training needed for all teachers nationwide. It seemed that teachers forget the Code of Ethics already. Proper trainings and seminars will help remind the teachers of their roles. They need to understand the proper decorum a good teacher should have. Recently, teachers struggling with peer pressures inside their schools. There are tensions between colleagues and different characteristics arise. Teachers need refreshment training on how to maintain balance attitude as professionals.

4. Classroom Management Training

This training is long way forgotten. There are actually trainings and seminars conducted but there is no positive result. This happens if the seminar is too way more “for the sake” purpose only. This means teachers are actually present during trainings but there is no internalization.

5. Major Subject Training

This is the most important training of all. This is where the teachers give their all-out expertise about their major subject. Most seminars and training nowadays are only more on talking rather than actual. Give the teachers what is due to teachers and in no time they will give back.

This are the most sought trainings in DepEd recently and not all teachers get to attend such. Most school heads let one or two chosen participants attend trainings. This is not fair to all teachers who actually wanted to perfect their skills in their field. It is understandable though because there are factors to consider especially the funds. – Clea | Helpline PH